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  1. Thanks Peter. I am hoping to add the Kot Sabzal and the Military Good Conduct medal to the group as well, or most certainly have my eyes on them. Also, I am in no rush to sell the group.
  2. The Group above is for sale on eBay now, contact me there if anyone is interested.
  3. Thank you very much Peter(sorry about the late reply). There is a silver addition to the Group i.e. Long Military Service Medal. This group represents about 34 years of service, starting with the Afghan War, through WWI and II, Union of the State with Pakistan in Q4 of 1947 and Golden Jubilee of Nawab Sadiq which was in 1949. I don't think that there would have been many recipients who would have served 34 years for the Nawab and got all the medals.
  4. I have no idea about the hoard. But I do know that fakes of the Alliance Medal and Victory Star flooded the market a few years back.
  5. To add a little something to the subject: Inscription on Obverse(L) in Persian: Farman Ruwayay Mumlikat-e-Khudadad Bahawalpur Translation: [Issued by] sic the Godgiven Kingdom of Bahawalpur Inscription(R): Befazlahu Ta'ala Sadiq Muhammad Abbasi Khamis Translation: His Excellence Sadiq Muhammad Abbasi the Fifth.
  6. I have been selling these Medals on eBay for a while now. Bought some Ribbon from Jeremy Tenniswood www.militaria.co.uk for North-West Frontier Medal Ribbon isn't pink in the middle field but does work. If it weren't Synthetic it could probably be bleached to a pink color. But it is definitely better than nothing. Check out the picture of the group.