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  1. Thank you the medal pictured is made of brass not silver so would that make it a fake??Do not be sorry if any then me. I should have said it was brass and the ring is nonexistent and i have one other that was so covered in crude that you could not read it. if they are real then what would be the correct rbbon for them?and thank you very much for your help. Ray
  2. Thank you the medal pictured is made of brass not silver so would that make it a fake??
  3. I have a couple of medals from East Africa that may be fakes and would like some one to tell me if that is the case or are they real? thank you. the first one i had to clean as you could not see anything when i got it.
  4. Thank you Paul you are one of those that always seem to come thru.
  5. Well I do not know how but they are mine and thank you for telling me what they are,very nice of you and that is why I put them up but I wondered where they went.HAHAHA.
  6. Gordon,thank you for your reply. The one thing that puzzles me you say it is not rare but in all the pictures in the links and in all my time collecting i have never seen one like this. I believe you when you say its not rare its just i can not find one like it. I am sure there are others. Of course I have never looked for one. And not to worry i did not pay hardly any thing for it. again thank you kindly. best,Ray
  7. Yes thanks i picked up one donno if i got a good deal or not,please let me know what you think. I paid about 114.00 i think us dollars that is.Oh and thank you Petro.
  8. Hi HUGH i was told it was a rare medal and was lead to believe it was a war medal but i really know nothing for sure. What do you think it was fore?Ray also told it was polish.
  9. I am not sure what war 1 or 2 this came from or if it was awarded from war. has anyone seen one and can you identify it? thanks to all
  10. I am sorry to put this here(I Think) BUT I do not know where to put it and no suggestions please.HAHA.Bought this off eb-y simply because i have never seen it before.Can someone give me a clue?
  11. I just put this up on another forum but here it is again.enjoy
  12. ray11


    Hello,I have but one and do not know if it is real,comments,
  13. I am not sure what you mean. I have this one set that i paid dearly for that i will share but i have no interest in selling.
  14. There is only one that is in really bad condition the other two can have the suspension replaced and the clasps once i know the information. One of them never had anything attached to it. I will post the names and any other info on the medal later. ANS THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP.
  15. I am looking for help as to where I can find info on these medals. All from South Africa but from different times. Last one I put in is Mediterranean it should read south Africa
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