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  1. Identification Order

    Hello, dear colleagues! Another unofficial medal France. Please help identify what the private society she belongs. Sincerely, Dmitri.
  2. Identification Order

    Thanks for the info. I saw a star. It is this badge I bought. Sincerely.
  3. Identification Order

    I found a similar order. The description says the award for services in tourism (not sure that the information is reliable)
  4. Identification Order

    Many thanks. I understand that this is an informal reward. I want to know what kind of society and the awards bestowed upon time. The enamel on the wreath and the Order is no different in the photo is not visible. In this sate the wreath so the same: http://www.semon.fr/LES ASSOCIATIVES_5.htm Do not show links to French sites, where this award is presented? Sincerely
  5. Identification Order

    Hello, please help find information about this award. Sincerely.
  6. Hello!Please help to identify this cross.
  7. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Once again, thank you very much!
  8. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Please tell me in which period is the mark on silver?
  9. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Thank you. In Russia I think that number one, the beginning of the 20th century (after 1909).
  10. belgian Order of Leopold l

    My question. Number one may be on the reverse side of the order after 1951?
  11. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Thank you, you helped me a lot. Will share their knowledge with colleagues on the hobby in their country.I asked you about the Roman one the orders with the motto in both languages. Could it be? I thought a Roman only one on order to WW2.
  12. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Unless that crown is not 1880?
  13. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Thank you so much! The Roman one, may be on the reverse of the order of this period?
  14. belgian Order of Leopold l

    And this please date
  15. belgian Order of Leopold l

    Hello, dear friends!Please help determine the time of manufacture of the order.