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  1. I have to disagree with you Paul....the Heer Sonderführer did not have Generals.... Sonderführer possessed the general rank of officers or NCO;s without any specific officer or NCO rank, they had "position designations" (Dienstbezeichungen) instead of the usual soldiers grades... Highest Dienstbezeichungen in the Heer end was Bataillionsführer or Abteilungsführer in Stellengruppe "B" What you might have is a set of tabs for a General in the Heeresjustizbeamte (and if thtas the case....whew baby those are rare...... ......light blue is a confirmed nebenfarbe on generals tabs..... I have also seen a light grayish shade pass for light blue...if you look close the tabs are dirty on what would be the upper (neck) side of the tabs... I have attached a set of used Heeresjustizbeamte to illustrate what I am saying...... Cheers Larry
  2. That would be incorrect. The Heeresjustizbeamten wore the "HV" device until HM 42, No. 949 which abolished the devices and nothing was worn from that point on... Cheers Larry
  3. William George Nicolas Manley (1831 - 1901) He also has the "German steel war medal" and the Bavarian Order of Merit... http://www.vconline.org.uk/william-g-n-manley-vc/4587508270 Cheers Larry
  4. I think it's Swiss, a Victorian era Swiss Artillery Drummer https://picclick.co.uk/Victorian-Era-Swiss-Artillery-Drummers-Tunic-Pre-WW1-Tunic-253349063838.html Cheers Larry
  5. I don’t see it being any different than 4 CMBG sitting in Germany for decades. Cheers Larry
  6. It's home Was a 6 year wait.... I will post photo's this weekend. Many thanks again for the lead Kevin Looking at it closely it does appear that there are more than 7 serrations on the tabs, so yes a GSO. Cheers Larry
  7. Thanks for correcting my translation...I was in a bit of a rush to go see the grand-kids. On my screen they appear to be hochrot as well which would be incorrect for the Reichskriegsgerichts. Their farb was bordo. Also the Luftwaffe Beamte boards do not have the green thread in between the soutache as your have. That was a Wehrmachtbeamteheers thing. I am curious as to why you have bordorot under lined. I am sorry but you have a unfinished set of hochrot HV boards. Un-finished boards are not uncommon. Maybe the tailor had only the one set of boards and was waiting for a sale before adding any devices...who knows. Here are a pair for the Heereslazarettverwaltung that are unfinished....would you want Weißmetall or Gelbmetall, the 2 colors of HV devices have different meanings.... By the way the nebenfarbe for Heeresjustizbeamte was hellblau. Scroll up to post #29 to see some examples...... Cheers Larry
  8. Please see that attached scan of HM 36, No 712. It states bordorot as the farbe and that "HV" devices are used.... Allways a possibility that I might have translated incorrectly....... Bordorot with HV devices...there was no other career with that nebenfarbe.... Cheers Larry
  9. Yes Red Deer is 28K up the highway from here. Mail would go there first then be distributed to the smaller towns like mine. Hopefully it will go smooth without having to jump thru too many hoops. Cheers Larry
  10. A set of boards for either a official in the Military Area Administration and Intendant's Service (Wehrkreisverwaltung und Intendantur), Agricultural Service (Landwirtschaftliche), Artillery Measuring Service (Artillerie-Messdienst)or the Sound Ranging Service (Schallmesswesen) of the Heersverwaltung. The board is missing the HV device. Cheers Larry
  11. I just put the dots together this morning...an old freind of mine made the connection... The RCMP office appeared to be closed as no one answered the phone. Going into Red Deer today to see the grand kids and will stop by the station. I have no way of proving that it is mine besides the thread..I don't know who I bought it off of (a store in Florida) and PayPal records don't go back that far...... Cheers Larry
  12. So what are the odds of this happening....... I bought it but never received it in the mail.... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/german-army-passport-franz-laue-1.4494167
  13. See the start of this thread...that's the bar issued to Operation REASSURANCE http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/honours-history-medals-chart/medal-ssm.page Cheers Larry
  14. I would say that it is for the 4th class which IIRC would be the correct level for a Vice Admiral, however I don't think the device is correct. Cheers Larry
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