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  1. Thanks for that Alex. As a youngster I wanted to collect all of the WW2 stars. In the 80s I bought an ACE star for small money which was of course a copy. A good opportunity to finally complete my collection. Dave
  2. Hope it's OK to tag onto this post, I've an opportunity to buy this one and have read up on fakes. This looks good to me based on what I've read and seller has had it confirmed by two London dealers as genuine. These are seller's pics Would appreciate your opinions. Thanks, Dave
  3. That's an interesting theory. Thanks for the information and opinions all. Dave
  4. Here's the back. Best I can do with temporarily limited resources! My recall is faulty. Obviously not felt backing. Dave
  5. No problem. Not at my pc at the moment but rear has the usual felt backing and pin arrangement. Leave it with me for a mo. Dave
  6. Hi all, I was directed to this forum from another WWI forum and hope you can help. I have no Austro Hungarian medals in my collection and was delighted to pick this up recently. It's amazing how accurate a picture of the original recipient you can get from the different awards. As best I can fathom out, this is the man's story reading the medals left to right: Decorated for Bravery: Franz Josef Medal in Silver Was in a combatant unit for at least 12 weeks: Karl Truppenkreuz Was wounded five times : Austro-Hungarian Wound Medal with five stripes on ribbon War Commemorative Medal (Pro Deo et Patria) Tirol Defence Medal: Possibly member of a mountain troop? Commemorative medal of the World War Bulgarian European War Commemorative Medal: Served in Bulgarian forces(?) If any experts out there could confirm that my assumptions above are correct, and also someone might have an idea about the unusual ribbon arrangement. Being Austrian shouldn't they be triangular? Any help much appreciated. Dave