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  1. Gentlemen! Thanks for your kind words. ☺️🤙 This might be my best 1870-71 War Veteran and General medal bar...
  2. Well, there are many medal bars I like in my collection... but this one it is one of the best I have... PS: BTW I am still missing a PLM in my collection! But this could well be the most important in my collection... medal bar of the 1st GFM of the 3rd Reich!
  3. I got another badge to discuss, if there's anything to discuss. I think that the maker mark on the back looks good, but the pin has been replaced or fooled with... any thoughts?
  4. Dear Vince, dear forumites, I received some more photographs (bad quality, I had to improve them, but I can't do wonders...) of some other badges. I start with this Bavarian Observer Badge (Halbhohl - semi-hollow). I don't quite like the pin on the back, although the patina on the front looks good. Any comments? C PS: the last mega-big picture of the front enamelled detail doesn't help very much... Here another badge Marine-Beobachter... this looks good, but I'm not so sure about the reverse (see pin). Comments? This other Marine-Beobachter badged the patina looks really weird on the front... on the back I have never seen maker marks of Juncker like this... almost if someone has tried to replicate it. Comments? This Marine Flugzeugführer Badge looks a bit better, but I presume this one was produced in the twenties or early thirties... the hinge of this pin on the reverse looks almost like a Zimmermann; did this maker also produced such badges? This Marine Observer badge is the one I like the best of all of them... Any suggestions? This Marine Flugzeugführer badge looks really weird... no detail on the front, it looks like someone has tried to make it look heavily worn... the hinge and pin on the reverse is really bad IMHO. The miniature (picture quality very bad) comes with this last badge in a lot. What do you think? Thanks in advance for your kind opinions and comments... I really appreciate your expertise! Best regards, Claudio
  5. Dear Sandro, dear forumites, Here's a picture of the reverse of the emblem... it looks quite good IMHO. Claudio
  6. Now I have also a face to this trapezoidal old style large ribbon bar...
  7. Interesting thread Chris! Here my contribution... very likely the same booklet. I had some scans done. Enjoy! Claudio
  8. Very, very nice shoulder boards... love these with these elaborate cyphers! Great buy, compliments! Claudio
  9. Dear forumites! I would love to hear your opinions on these.. the last Bavarian observer badge (Pöllath) the catch have been replaced, it looks like a period repair. Enjoy the pictures! cheers Claudio
  10. What about these? The first I like the reverse although the makers name is written with one T instead of two and the obverse is lacking a bit of detail. The second one, the “light” version looks very good from the front (Feuervergoldung with polished highlights), but I don’t like the hinge and catch... they look like re-attached. Thanks in advance for your comments! cheers, Claudio
  11. Thanks for all Sandro! You quite gave me more valuable inputs... let see if they are ready to show some detailed pictures of the helmet without the frontal emblem, in order to see the holes and the frontal emblem on the reverse. Cheers, Claudio
  12. Ciao Sandro, Thanks for your detailed reply. Yes, I saw the Pickelhauben on the notorious German dealer. I don't like them because of their conditions and also the first (the most expensive one, Eur 8'500.-!!!) has 3 holes but 4 prongs that, in my opinion, only 2 of them (the lateral ones on the left and right) are used to fix the emblem. Both W's helmets have a different frontal emblem then the one showed by me laurels leaves under the lions. I like the second W's helmet better but the conditions are a bit "salty", the leather helmet on top a bit deformed, as well the rear visor and the surface is quite heavily cracked. This helmet is being offered by an auction house. I'll PM you the details. Therefore I could ask them to remove the emblem, but I seriously doubt that they would dare to do it. But of course I learned that in doing so you could really tell about "Doppellöcher", some restorations to the emblem (new prongs to the rear of emblem), the kind of prongs (if original or new ones) and least but not last if there are holes which have been "closed" and some new ones being made lately. Practically a mine field... There some very good put together helmets or "improved" ones with rarer emblems (also original some copies) on the marked. Thank you again, Sandro, for your interesting comments, though. Cordially Claudio
  13. Hi Karsten! Sorry I double checked my email boxes (hotmail.com / iCloud.com / mac.com and gmail ) but I couldn't find your email. Just sent you a PM.
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