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  1. Yeah, it seems so... 😉 too much competition with named groups and medal bars. Besides German Imperial helmets have been always interesting for me...
  2. Thanks a lot Andy! You made my day... 👍🏻😉😊 Yes, indeed interesting... I saw him googling on the net. I thought he might have be his son and now we are... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 There’s an Award entitled to his name, too! “Der Preis dient der Förderung exzellenter Leistungen dieser Nachwuchskräfte auf den Gebieten Fernsehen, Film und elektronische Medien.”
  3. At first I also thought this, but to me it seemed a too high nobility grade for such helmet... I haven’t found any Fürsten in the Leib-Regiment. Could this helmet also be for cavalry?
  4. Dear Forumites, I recently acquired a very nice Reserve's Pickelhaube with black eagle star and without Vaterlandsbandeau for Garde Kraftfahr-Bataillon (like also Garde-Pionier-Bataillon) of a subaltern officer apparently named Urtel (see inside the leather sweatband). It's a really nice untouched helmet in almost unused conditions. Since this surname "URTEL" is rather uncommon in Germany, maybe the research on this officer could be easier I thought. An entry of this officer can be found also in the Rangliste of 1913 on page 796. I also just found that a German auction house sold a document group of a driver with a signed original signature in his Militär-Führerschein of this elusive officer, then in 1915 commanding officer of Personenkraftwagenpark in Metz (back then still under German Empire in the Lorraine), see also picture of the group. Can somebody add anything interesting to this officer, like date of birth and death, first name/s and his later career if he had any? Thank you very much in advance for your most appreciated inputs and comments. Claudio
  5. For this helmet I though one of the von Prankh (Adelgeschlecht) could have pre-owned and worn this helmet. I noticed that a couple of them (see Bavarian branch of their family) served in the Leib-Regiment. The crown look like the one of a Landgraf or or Graf... What do you think? Claudio
  6. Thank you so much, Glenn!!! 👍🙂 I thought that the Hanseatenkreuz not from Bremen but from Hamburg was... much more common and plus how could have been explained Major Trautmann's link to the much smaller Hansa free city of Bremen... Another identification and another name put to a face... Thanks again also from my brother's side, Glenn! 👍
  7. Hi Glenn! you might have found him... it looks like him, from the face and the medal bar... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊
  8. Thanks Daniel! 👍🏻 I thought about that, but as you rightly said it wasn’t really painted very well... cheers Claudio
  9. IMHO the third medal, although foreign, is a bravery medal... what else could that be with a red-white ribbon and a large gold-like medal? Maybe this one https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/st-georgs-medaille-jubilaumsmedaille-1889.html? However in order to be in the exclusive Bavarian order of St. George, you had to prove that your lineage is noble since 8 generations... 😉 In that case I think this officer he would have his "Familenwappen" (coat of arms) painted on the upper corner, wouldn't he?
  10. Dear forumites, My brother lately acquired a very nice high officer's portrait in oil colours under glass (therefore the reflection on the picture, sorry!). which still has the original frame. As you can see this high officer is wearing a EK1 1914 and a medal bar composed by the following orders and medals: Kingdom of Bavaria, BMVO3 mit Krone und Schwerter Kingdom of Prussia, EK2 1914 KuK Austria-Hungary (?), goldene Tapferkeitsmedaille (?) Free City of Hamburg (?), Hanseatenkreuz Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, war cross 2nd class Kingdom of Saxony, AO1X Kingdom of Bavaria, DA 25 Jahre Kingdom of Prussia, Zentenarmedaille KuK Austria-Hungary, MVK3 Is an identification of this highly decorated officer possible? Thank you in advance for your most appreciated inputs and comments. Cordially, Claudio
  11. Dear forumites I would like to show you a “Leiber” (K.B. Inf. Leib-Regt) Officer spiked helmet, purchased some years ago, with a crowned chypher “P” (Herzog/ducal crown https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herzogskrone or Landgraf/count crown https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landgrafenkrone https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Can the original wearer of this spiked helmet be researched? I guess there weren’t many officers with such high aristocratic title in that regiment... I noticed some notable aristocratic names beginning with P in that regiment, but I’m not so sure. Thank you in advance for your valuable comments and inputs. Best regards, Claudio
  12. Hi David, Here’s the website: https://www.medals.pl cheers Claudio My mistake.,, you are right! ;)
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