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  1. Dear forumites, I’m also with Sascha and Laurentius here: the second order should be a Waldeck 4th class Verdienstkreuz (only 596 Verleihungen). Therefore there are good chances of this bar to be ID’ed. cheers C
  2. Here are mentioned the numbers of the MVO4X für Kriegsverdienst (Beamtenband) Militärverdienstorden : 544
  3. Wow Paul! I remember you mentioned it to me some years ago. If you compare the ribbons how are folded, the position of the DA eagles it looks like it’s the bar on the picture....😲👍
  4. Dear forumites, Here's a nice and rare picture I recently purchased with von Rundstedt and his bar. I can see following orders and medals on his bar (correct or fill me in if I am wrong): Pr EK2 1914 Pr HOH Kreuz der Ritter mit X Bay. MVO 4X mit Krone Sachsen Königreich, Albrechts-Orden RK 1. Kl. mit X Lippe-Detmold, KVK 2. Klass am Band für Kämpfer FEK (Hindenburg cross) WH DA für 25 J. WH DA für 8 J. Pr Kronen Orden 4. Klasse Waldeck und Pyrmont, Kreuz 4. Klasse ohne X Sachsen Weimar, Weissen Falken RK 2. Kl. mit X (or 1. Kl.???) SEHO RK 1st or 2nd class ??? Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen, Fürstl. Ehrenkreuz 3. Klasse (not sure} China Denkmünze (???), not entirely sure but almost, since I did see somewhere his ribbon bar with the China DM Centenarmedaille KuK MVK 3. Kl. mit KD What do you think? I am looking forward to your interesting opinions and inputs. Cordially C
  5. Hi! I’m not looking to identify medals or orders on the bar but the whole bar to a possible wearer. This however is not so easy... best regards C
  6. Thanks Sascha, for looking into it. It's really a very elusive bar to identify... who knows; maybe one day we will find a picture of the wearer on the net... Rick L. would have enjoyed it very much to search for it... Cheers, Claudio
  7. Another nice picture of Ambassador von Mackensen (from the book, Die Deutscher Generalfeldmarschälle und Grossadmiräle 1936-1945, Peter Stocker, page 21).
  8. the 4th medal it’s just an unofficial Weimar era award Deutsche Ehrendenkmünze des Weltkrieges , very likely it was also awarded to foreigners who volunteered as medics or Red Cross officials on the side of the Germans.
  9. Hi, The mounting style looks very Swedish, mounted like the German style, but with that exactly same type of metallic pin and catch and no fabric covering the reverse. That would explain the missing Ehrenkreuz for non combatants. Strange is that there isn’t a single Swedish order or medal on this bar. It could also be that this was the second bar showing only the foreign awards. cheers Claudio PS: see my thread of 2009 Thread
  10. Sure! You’re right.... 😉😂😂😂 No Godet this time... but I had to have it since I saw it already on Thies auction in 2006, coming from the famous Seymour’s collection...
  11. Thanks Laurentius. Here I'm posting all the documents that the Bavarian State archives could find on him; they were extremely helpful and very efficient and sent me all these documents in PDF format on a CD. There are some "Qualifikations-Bericht" that I can't read. Especially those of 1914 and 1913, same "shitty" hand writing... Maybe someone could help me? Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Claudio
  12. Dear forumites, Here I would like to show you a nice complete group of an aristocratic Cavalry officer. Decorations on the medal bar: Photographs: Documents (list): Claudio
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