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  1. Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen (Preussen) I don’t think that the AEZ medal was ever given with swords, I think it was rather unofficially “upgraded” by the wearer. https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/allgemeines-ehrenzeichen-2-klasse-1814.html
  2. Dear forumites, Finally my brother Marco’s work of art has been professionally framed. Here’s the result: cheers Claudio
  3. Dear forumites, I'm trying to identify the exact ribbons on this picture of Ritter von Epp: Here below is represented the ribbon bar as what I can see... Von Epp used ribbon devices or didn't when I should have... the forth Prussian Iron Cross ribbon should be with swords (EK2, HHOX, RAO4X + KO4X), but as you can see there aren't any sword devices. Furthermore I'm not so sure about the one immediately before the EK2 and the last ones (probably austrian ones). This photograph will be used for my brother to paint his portrait and depict as faithfully as he can t
  4. Hauptmann von der Hellen IR91 Personal adjutant of GFM von Hindenburg (there's a small picture of him on Beyreiss book about Oldenburg's orders and medals, wearing his medal bar). Here's the description of his decorations: Preussen: eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, 1914; Preussen: RK des Königlichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern (ritzmarke „s & W”, silberstempel und „937“); Oldenburg: RK 2. Klasse des Haus- und Verdienstordens von Herzog Peter Friedrich Ludwig mit Krone und Schwertern;
  5. Dear all, Here I’m posting a couple of pictures I have taken in the castle Veste in Coburg. The medal bar is of Ernst II Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha. I think also the breast stars shown with the PlM should be his, but I’m not sure. There were at least two other displays which I haven’t taken the pictures. Very likely there were also the orders & breast stars of Ernst I . Ernst I didn’t wear the PlM, like Ernst II did, very likely because he participated to all German wars and major political events from 1840ies until 1870 (he got the PlM in 1849). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/w
  6. Yeah, it seems so... 😉 too much competition with named groups and medal bars. Besides German Imperial helmets have been always interesting for me...
  7. Thanks a lot Andy! You made my day... 👍🏻😉😊 Yes, indeed interesting... I saw him googling on the net. I thought he might have be his son and now we are... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 There’s an Award entitled to his name, too! “Der Preis dient der Förderung exzellenter Leistungen dieser Nachwuchskräfte auf den Gebieten Fernsehen, Film und elektronische Medien.”
  8. At first I also thought this, but to me it seemed a too high nobility grade for such helmet... I haven’t found any Fürsten in the Leib-Regiment. Could this helmet also be for cavalry?
  9. Dear Forumites, I recently acquired a very nice Reserve's Pickelhaube with black eagle star and without Vaterlandsbandeau for Garde Kraftfahr-Bataillon (like also Garde-Pionier-Bataillon) of a subaltern officer apparently named Urtel (see inside the leather sweatband). It's a really nice untouched helmet in almost unused conditions. Since this surname "URTEL" is rather uncommon in Germany, maybe the research on this officer could be easier I thought. An entry of this officer can be found also in the Rangliste of 1913 on page 796. I also just found that a German auction house sol
  10. For this helmet I though one of the von Prankh (Adelgeschlecht) could have pre-owned and worn this helmet. I noticed that a couple of them (see Bavarian branch of their family) served in the Leib-Regiment. The crown look like the one of a Landgraf or or Graf... What do you think? Claudio
  11. Thank you so much, Glenn!!! 👍🙂 I thought that the Hanseatenkreuz not from Bremen but from Hamburg was... much more common and plus how could have been explained Major Trautmann's link to the much smaller Hansa free city of Bremen... Another identification and another name put to a face... Thanks again also from my brother's side, Glenn! 👍
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