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  1. Walter Roland Cartwright was born on 19th August 1885 in Twickenham Middlesex. His father John Walter Cartwright's family had run a successful chain of gentleman's outfitters and I think supplied army uniforms. His mother Katherine Medora Cameron was from a wealthy Canadian family. His brother John Cameron Cartwright was also in the Royal Fusiliers and they seem to have risen through the ranks together. "Captain John C. Cartwright resigns his commission on account of ill-health, and is granted the honorary rank of Major, with permission to retain his rank and wear the prescribed uniform. Dated 13th January, 1915". He went on to live on an ex navy Motor Launch named Pathfinder, was a member of the Authors Club and died in South Africa in 1945. Like Walter Roland he also had an eye for the ladies; his wife who was previously described in the census as his "housekeeper" divorced him and he had 4 children with the next housekeeper before running off to South Africa with another, neither of whom he married. A previous post says every family has one - our seems to have had two at the same time! The family grave is in Twickenham Cemetry and is a memorial to both brothers and their parents. I don't have any photos of Walter Roland but here is a photo of his brother Major John Cameron Cartwright. All the research I have is on the Ancestry website if you want to take a look
  2. Walter Roland was my great grandfathers younger brother and was born in Surrey not Canada. But his maternal relations were wealthy Canadians. His brother Captain John Cameron Cartwright (my great grandfather) had a similarly unconventional lifestyle. Thank you so much for posting this research and for filling in the missing gaps regarding his bankruptcy, the newspaper report makes great reading. Lynn