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  1. French private purchase lightweight Adrian helmet, named to Captain Guillaume Latuille, who born in Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a fishing port on the Basque coast 22 May 1891 Enlist in the ranks and promoted for gallantry during 1914-18 Croix De Guerre, First citation, on the 4th of February 1915. “Demonstrated bravery and cold-blooded attitude during night combat, protecting the unit from heavy fire.” - Second citation, 15 March 1917: “Remarkable officer in every aspect. As a model leader of his section, demonstrated calm bravery and absolute contempt for danger by ensuring a successf
  2. Looks like he had trichomoniasis (STD) and dysentery
  3. Fantastic collection and thread
  4. Glenn, outstanding forensic research...really appreciate you doing this
  5. Welcome to GMIC, happy to help with your research, please feel free to PM me...
  6. SR, completely agree and very forensic in your approach....lets hope someone has the book .....thanks again
  7. Nice pair of Oberst epaulettes, could these be traced to one or two, people....? many thanks, Paul
  8. Strangely been researching this today, Have found him; Leo Hermann Paul Bothke Birth 29. Sep 1887 (29 Sep 1887) (matches the document) Marriage 16. Jun 1930 (16 Jun 1930) Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland (Germany)
  9. Auguste Victor Tiffay enlisted as a volunteer in 1896, Initially serving in 4e Regiment Infanterie Coloniale and from December 1899-0ctober 1902 he served in New Caledonia Leaving the Colonial service in 1902 In 1903 he reenlisted back into the 4e Régiment d'infanterie coloniale and passed to the 24e Régiment d'infanterie coloniale and in 1905 passed to the 11e Régiment d'infanterie coloniale in Cochinchine from October 1905 until 1907, he passed to the 22e Regiment Infanterie Coloniale in 1908 then stationed in Madagascar serving from 1908 until 1914. I found his death ent
  10. The writing on the back is Tiffay's here is his signature for his LdH
  11. Small pen and ink picture, "Böttcher" can anyone help identify his regiment and if possible confirm his forenames, as ever many thanks, Paul
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