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  1. Ura87


    I understand that, I want to understand why this fake is for Poland, and not Serbia, for example.
  2. Ura87


    Hi to all. I became interested in the cause of the Polish Victory Medal and found information that American Poles who fought in the Blue Army did not recognize veterans in either America or Poland, so they established their own commemorative medal. Maybe that was the Polish Victory Medal?
  3. Thanks for the answer.
  4. Hi to all. What is this clasp? Why it was worn, it should not be? It was a fashion?
  5. Cool collection . Can you show Philippines medals in detail?
  6. Some may say something about this medal? This type I have met only once.
  7. I think this medal is not considered. "Medalla de los Voluntarios Catalanes 1914-1918" https://historiayculturamilitar.wordpress.com/tag/unio-catalanista/
  8. Thank you. I thought that this medal a veteran union Argentine volunteers who fought in Europe.
  9. Hi all, anyone knows the history of the medal?