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  1. Hi, just spotted this, looks like a nice original piece, can't comment on the ribbon, it doesn't look that aged but may have been replaced a long time ago, wouldn't mind one for myself Regards
  2. I think it's because they cater for a niche market, (not everyone is interested in iron crosses or similar) so the print run is limited, cost of production etc has to be spread over a relatively limited sales, add to that antiquated books may well be inflated due to scarcity, my thoughts Regards alex
  3. Yes very nice, based on the last but one image showing the reverse of the ek1, the hinge block is a solid one showing its an early rather than the later formed hinge, nice to have Regards
  4. Thanks for the explanation, given the time lapse, it was a noble gesture and the fact that the 57er versions were available maybe not so contraversial regards
  5. Very interesting, I'm surprised it was awarded retrospectively after such a long period, bit late but better than never
  6. Wendish crown could be right, looking at it again the ribbon is wrong for the wurt crown, good spotting
  7. Looks like Red Eagle order Long service cross China medal Unknown Wurtemburg order of the crown Is my guess
  8. I also thought Greek letters at first but came up with the same non-amswer, it still looks to me like something has been cut off though
  9. Hi can't recognise the motif but it looks like a device (crown or similar) may have been cut off. Just above the central motif
  10. Hi no I didn't, it looked interesting but even though I've studied ek's for years, I'm begining to get cold feet now about buying virtually anything particularly with the seriously original looking fakes which are appearing unfortunately, hence the original request, at most it will sit on my database as an item to be wary of, thanks for the update Regards
  11. Hi, just spotted the response, amazing after all this time, well done, I will make a note of it, thanks for bothering to answer Regards
  12. Hi thanks for the extra effort, much appreciated, sometimes an initial hunch proves to be correct, regards Alex
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