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  1. Well, yes very annoying and pointlessly destructive, it is clear that their interest is in making as much money as is possible by auctioning/selling individually, not interested in collecting or history, very common I suspect, just like people who break up medal groups
  2. Very nice pieces, particularly the Godet., I've been on the lookout for ibne myself and seen the attached, would welcome an appraisal if possible, award piece or second piece, regards
  3. Very, very intricate detail and very nice, well done
  4. I have long argued with the assumption that these are repairs, true, like Chris has said, repairs were done like this, but from the examples I've shown, every "repair" is virtually identical, on identical pieces, my example is in mint condition, with case which I suspect it never left, why repair an unused medal?
  5. Hi thanks for the links interesting information, my 25 year award is the later type with the pebbled finish, I can see the confusion between the prussian and Hessian 15 year awards, I'll remember that Regards
  6. Ahh! it seems i need to do more research then, I have a 25 year cross, but that has the pebbled finish, what has "thrown me" is this (attached) which I know to be a smooth armed early piece by Hossaur, (Modern ribbon though) Thanks for the reply regards Alex
  7. Hi, could I request an appraisal on the attached, my interest lies in the fact that it's a smooth armed type, which would suggest early version, only pictures at the moment, thanks for any response
  8. I have tried to take a photo of my prinzen, hope these help, very difficult to see but it is heavily gilded, and yes it wasn't cheap Alex
  9. Nice, looking for one myself
  10. Can't access the site With regards to the one posted, looks like a good period piece, official or not, they certainly existed
  11. It's certainly a nice place to keep your banana's 😆
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