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    1. Hi, a quick question, does anyone recognise tge two medals on his medal bar, images attached, thanks for any response Regards, alex k
    2. French Medaille militaire probably
    3. I would imagine that there many already known manufacturing/production techniques of original orders decorations and medals used by their original manufacturers, databases or similar already to some degree already exist although not in a centralised form, the possibilities of using such technology could be used for comparison, although at the moment the practicalities need to be examined, tbh any way of stemming the growing problem of increasingly accurate fakes is to be welcomed, yoy only need to read some of the threads on GMIC, to realise the problem, just a thought. Regards
    4. Hi, good way of sorting out the fakes??? https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2024/jan/27/manufacturing-giant-develops-revolutionary-system-to-detect-counterfeit-art
    5. Ive watched this thread unfold and im lost for words except- simply stunning!!
    6. Order of The Most Holy Annunciation, italy, neck and breast star
    7. Hi all, ive been reading this thread with interest, he was certainly flamboyant! This image has been posted before and ive been studying it closely, think ive found a question, regarding his golden fleece, based on my assessment of the image, he appears to be wearing only the bottom part of the decoration suspended from what i can see as heing black string!, secondly, the fleece itself has the appearance (to me) as a bejewelled version, not the typical type he was awarded, does anyobe know if he had a jewelled example? Regards Edit, i think ive answered my own question 😄
    8. Yes, king ferdinand certainly liked his uniforms and medals, a few colourisations i did some time ago
    9. Just thought i'd add a few to keep the thread moving, usual portraits, Company sergeant major,Scots Guards, Crimea Erwin vin Witzleben Heinrich "gestapo" Mueller
    10. Thankyou for the additional info gentlemen, at least i know mine isnt unique! Regards
    11. Just seen thi thread and getting back to original post if i may, i have this example wherectge swords appear to be on tge reverse side of the medal, not tge obverse as indicated on other examples posted, also they appear to he well fitted as if they were integral, any comments welcome
    12. Hi larry, yes another nice one, quite like the subject matter, good choice Regards Alex k
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