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  1. Unfortunately, collectors and dealers will now most probably take that as a benchmark, interesting future for those who collect ek's
  2. Just seen this, Geives the tailors of London are still in the military tailoring business, I'm sure they could give you a timeframe https://www.gievesandhawkes.com/pages/military Regards
  3. Just for fun, a nice combatants and mini I picked up recently. Does anyone know the maker BTW?
  4. The last one I am tempted to say its the Turkish gold Liakat medal with modified suspender device, he did receive one and the size of 25mm would fit https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liakat_Medal
  5. Hi, normally on ribbon bars, little silver rosettes for dso and mc Regards alex
  6. You could try these https://www.worcmedals.com/full-size-medals-and-emblems/rosettes-and-emblems Regards
  7. So I'm assuming Hindenburgh received the silver grade based on the link you provided?
  8. Thank you, If memory serves me right, the last one is saxe-altenburg, I'll see if I can still find my notes, regards
  9. I've spent a long time trying to ascertain all his decorations, as far as his medal bar goes, the two he seems to have been photographed the most with are these two, I think I've got them correct, they are digital recreations, they might help, comments, if wrong are welcome regards Alex K
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