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  1. Hello, I have a great interest in collecting memorabilia to the GSWA campaign particularly to that of the 1st SAMR that were involved in the Battle of Sandfontein of 26th September 1914 and of GSWA campaign. I have so far managed to find 3 confirmed First War medal/s recipients that were present and captured at the battle, as follows RFM H.D. BERRY, CPL BURT, CPL J. HARDING, all of these have been confirmed from medal rolls researched by Audrey Portman. I also have a 1914-15 star to the brother of Walter Carl Kobus who was mortally wounded at the battle and is now buried at Warmbad Cemetery. From that one medal I found that there were four Kobus brothers, all were involved in the First World War, 3 served in the 1st SAMR with prior service to the Cape Mounted Rifles, the other served in the SA Engineering Corps, the youngest was Walter Kobus and the eldest brother Bernhard Robert Kobus 1st SAMR died of influenza in 1918, now buried in Windhoek. I will post photos of the medals at a later date and I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has a similar field in collecting GSWA and GEA campaigns