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  1. Well John F. I cannot believe my luck, you happen to be in possession of my 3xGreatGrandfathers Waterloo medal and please don't worry I will not be nagging you to sell it too me? I have already taken a screenshot of the excellent photo you printed on this forum which is proberbly as much as I'm ever going to expect and I'm sure I'll never be able to afford it anyway. You say you don't want any information so I won't give you any unless you change your mind. I will tell you this though, I am a genealogist of over 40 years expearience in searching this (my) family back to 1480 and started a family group on Ancestry.com over 10 years ago and we have about 25 expearianced researchers all connected to this family in some way. One clue I will give you is to start with John Levitt's discharge papers mention else where in this stream. Anyway John F. all the best in your research and the door is always open to you if you desire to join our group