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  1. Gents, thanks for the replies. What made me think it was British is it came with a couple of other British proficiency badges that are similarly made.
  2. Hello, can anyone identify this British proficiency badge? I believe it is a driver badge from WWI. Thanks!
  3. Hello, can anyone please help me identify what I believe to be a Polish Regimental Badge? Thx
  4. Nick, sorry for the delay, I didn't get a notification that there was a reply. I don't think that it is an Order of Service to the Homeland 3cl due to its order of precedence on the ribbon bar, but I do like the possibility that its a Czech medal. Thank you for your time and effort!
  5. Hello, Can anyone identify the fourth ribbon on this Soviet ribbon bar? At first I thought it might be a Medal of Nakhimov, but then realized that its position (order of precedence) on the bar isn't correct. This is what I am reading: - Order of the Red Star - Soviet Armed Forces 70 yr Jubilee Medal - 10 yr Service Medal - Unknown Ribbon - Grateful Afghan People Medal Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm pretty sure that the is a regimental medal for the 2nd Nassau Infantry Regiment No. 88. There is a date on the on the reverse in the center of the medal that reads: “24. 1. 99” . I'm not sure if the two digit year "99" is referencing 1799 or 1899. I checked the date against the regiment history and could not find anything specific to that date. Also on the reverse is inscribed around the medal is “LA BELLA ALLIANCE MESSA DE MEDELLIN” which I believe is some sort of reference to the regiments involvement at the Battle of Waterloo (1815) and the 1809 Battle of Medellín in Spain. Does anyone know the significance of the "24 Jan 99" date or what this medal commemorates? Stay well, John Here is a larger image of the reverse.
  7. I've been going through and rediscovering pieces in my collection. I have also been helping my kids put together Legos. This is the latest set.
  8. Hola, Gracias por tu tiempo y esfuerzo . Matenerse bien, John PS: El color de la raya es morado
  9. Hello, I was really sure where to post this since the identification section has been closed. Can anyone please help identify these slip-on shoulder straps? I assume they are for a junior air force officer. Thanks!
  10. Hi Sampo, Thank you for your reply! John
  11. Hello, Can anyone please help identify this foreign medal on this US Vietnam era miniature medal bar? I’m pretty sure that it is from either, Cambodia or Laos but can find no reference to it on-line. Thanks, John
  12. Hello, Can someone please translate this for me. I tried the photo translator & the Russian Keyboard apps to no avail. Thank you, John
  13. Hi Gordon, That would explain why I don't receive email notifications. Thank you for the heads up! Best, John
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