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  1. Hello, Can someone please translate this for me. I tried the photo translator & the Russian Keyboard apps to no avail. Thank you, John
  2. Hi Gordon, That would explain why I don't receive email notifications. Thank you for the heads up! Best, John
  3. EJ, Per your request. Here is a pic of the reverse side of the star. Thanks again for the help! John
  4. 922F, I apologize for the late response, for some reason I am no longer receiving notification of responses anymore. With that beign said, thank you very much for your time and effort in identifying this breast star for me! Have a great weekend! John
  5. Hello, I'm not sure if this post belongs here since I do not know what it is. With that being said can anyone please help identify this breast star? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the Catholic faith but I am unaware of what organization of nation it is from. The star measures 9 x 9 cm (3.54” x 3.54” inches) and weighs 93 grms (3.30 oz). The reverse has a pin and open catch fastener with no maker or hallmarks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best, John
  6. Bayern, That is interesting. Maybe it was a given that people would know who the crown prince and princess were by their effigies? Sorry about Argentina's loss to Mali in the U20 World Cup yesterday...it was a good match.
  7. Bayern, Thank you for you for the reply as well as your time! Best, John
  8. Hello, Can someone please help me identify this medal? I suspect that it’s from Croatia and that it commemorates an anniversary, wedding or state visit by a king & queen or some other royalty. Thanks! John
  9. Egorka, thank you for the quick reply as well as for your time and effort. So it is a veteran's group?
  10. Hello, Can anyone please help identify this Soviet Submarine Badge. I think it may be an anniversary or an educational badge from the Soviet Submarine School. Thanks, John
  11. Hi Mike, Wow I just read my post with all of its errors...no more cell phone posting for me. No, thank goodness the medal is not named.
  12. Hello, Can someone please help me to correctly Identify this medal? It appears that them medal started of as The Military Medal GV and then the "For Bravery in the Field" was buffed down )shadow markings) and then stamped "Distinguished Service". Can anyone please shed some light on this? Thanks, John
  13. Peter, I would imagine the Sgt Major would have been and excellent and competent soldier/leader. Too bad he didn't get to enjoy the victory or his medal.
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