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  1. Hello piekenier,

    Jahrbuch 1939 der Deutschen Pfadfinder von Südwestafrika

    Thank you for your information. Question: Is there a foto from Pastor  Schoemann in the book?? If yes, please could you send me a copy. My Email is fred.0412@gmx.de.

    Thank you


  2. Give in Google " Ritterkreuz Karl Heinz Wilhelm ". There you will find different pictures and more. manni_0412
  3. Sorry, but I really do not know what it is. Have never seen it. Greetings, manni_0412
  4. Hello, I am Scouter and search for good copies of pins, bages, medals, decorations, photographs etc. for a publication of the history of German Scouts In South West Africa on our Internet page www.arge-pfadfinder.org Who can help me? Thank you in advance. manni_0412