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  1. Hi Brian, it is from the Bespann Abteilung, but I do not know the right word for Bespann, but I think it has something do do with horses, Protzen and cannons. If You look for Protzen, it could explain the meaning. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi, until 1914 he can´t be found in Oldenburger award lists. Kind regards Andreas
  3. Hi Jon, some medals which were awarded for the war from 1864 Düppler - Sturkreuz Alsenkreuz Kriegsdenkmünze 186 Centenarmdedaille I mean, that you can find some names from officers from 1866 and 1871, who were used again in the 1 WW in the Ehrenrangliste des ehemaligen deutschen Heeres from 1914 - 1918. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi, these are parts from the Decoration, so-called Bandadler, and the Bandadler are allways in the same colour from the medal. Here we have: Dienstauszeichnung für Heer und Marine 1. class for 25 years (cross) Dienstauszeichnung für Heer und Marine 3. class for 12 years (medal) The difference from Heer / Marine to Luftwaffe is only another form of eagle. Regards Andreas
  5. Hi Nils, I think it is: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_von_Fasbender Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi Gents, a friend of mine got this document, but unfortunately we are not able to read the language. Could someone be so kind and translate the document for me? Every help appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
  7. Hi Gentlemen, thanks for the facts I didn´t know. Ludwig Stauder with König Ludwig-Kreuz and other medals, so post 1916. Kind regards Andreas
  8. HI, IR 180 = Infanterie Regiment 180 http://genwiki.genealogy.net/IR_180 Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi JustinG, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergen_op_Zoom Regards Andreas
  10. Hi Gentlemen, I got this CDV named with Ludwig Stauder, is it possible to find something about him? I believe he is wearing: - the cross for Important War actions - the Long Service Medal Kind regards Andreas
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