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  1. Hi, do you have his name? Maybe goldenes Verdienstkreuz from Preußen. Regards Andreas
  2. Hi Laurentius, from the 1914 Rangliste: HSAE = Sachsen - Altenburgische Herzog Ernst Medaille I think this is the medal from the eights place. Regards Andreas
  3. Hi Laurentius, from the 1872 Rangliste: GSsVM = Großherzoglich sächsische silberne Verdienstmedaille GSDK2 = Großherzoglich sächsisches Dienstkreuz 2. Klasse Regards Andreas
  4. Hi Johan, my pleasure I´m not sure if it is him. Regards Andreas
  5. Hi, Herrn Major Albert übereignet mit herzlichem Dank für seine warmen Worte des Beileids zum Fliegertod meines Mannes des Oberst Walter Sigel gefallen am 8.5.1944 nachmittags 1/2 3 Uhr 12 km nördlich Drontheim. Er wurde begraben auf den nahen Soldatenfriedhof bei Drontheim. Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi, I read the first name as Kanjitphol Abhakorn the second as Snit xxxxxxxxxxx Dayananda Kind regards Andreas
  7. Dear Sir, my friend Chris has recommended you to me. I would like to ask you what you think about my post. I can't find the Hanover August III wedding medal. I need help, but I don't understand German. Thank you


  8. Hi, it was rather a present to someone who was awarded a regular piece, similar to some austrian medals like longservice cross with dedication etc. Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi, I don´t think so, no Chinadenkmünze on the medal bar. Kind regards Andreas
  10. Hi, I can see an EK 2 1870 on the first position, and I think it is an Mecklenburger Militärverdienstkreuz on position 8. Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi Heiko, I quote an article from Werner Sauer Info 59, Oct. 1988: Grün-Rot des türkischen Herrscher-Hauses, die Orange-Farbe des vom Sultan getragenem höchsten preusischen Ordens (Roter Adler Orden) red-green from the ruling Osman house and the orange from the Sultan highest prussian order Red Eagle Order. Regards Andreas
  12. Hi Demir, the Ministerium says in summary: that Kaiser Wilhelm has with highest order allowed Dr. Tobold to accept and wear the 2nd class with breast star from the medjidie order that he got from the Kaiser des Osmanen. Kind regards Andreas
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