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  1. Hi Laurentius, https://www.biographien.ac.at/oebl/oebl_S/Schwerdtner_Johann_1834_1920.xml Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi Gents, this medal bar was already discussed here: http://h2385226.stratoserver.net/wbb4/index.php?thread/57643-gefechtsspange-deutsch-neuguinea-1913-14-zur-kolonial-denkmünze/&pageNo=1 long time ago. Kind redards Andreas
  3. Thanks a lot to you all. 👍 Hi Kvart, Is it a normal membership badge? Regards Andreas
  4. Hi gents, recently I was able to buy the estate of a saxonian family. This pin was also located in it. Unfortunateley the photos are not ideal, the silver stamps are J.T. 925 S Any help appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
  5. Hi, we are talking about a Ritterkreuz des Ordens vom Zähringer Löwen 2. Klasse mit Schwertern. I read the text as; Herren Assistenzarzt der Reserve Dr. Karl Gebhardt beim Collbergschen Grenadier-Regiment Graf Gneisenau 2. Pommersches No. 9 Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi Jim, unfortunately I couldn´t find a Cech or similar in the Ordenliste. https://haab-digital.klassik-stiftung.de/viewer/image/1273455738_1817000000/2/ Kind regards Andreas
  7. Hi Odulf, I think that the badge is the Marineartilleriekriegsabzeichen. Kind regards Andreas
  8. Hi Dan, it is an Albrechtsorden Ritterkreuz 1. class, but not the early vision, it think it is this model. Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi Dan, may I ask, why you think it is the Albrechtsorden 1. Modell? The 1st Model should show another head, see below. The württ. Kronenorden is a Ritterkreuz mit den Löwen. Kind regards Andreas
  10. Hi Nicolas, my guess: Mecidiye Orden X Eiserner Halbmond fehlende Auflage Liakat Medaille Iftihar Medaille osmanische Lebensrettungsmedaille EK 2 FO 2 X MVK Österreich Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi, and the St. Stanislaus 2nd class is a neck order, so not necessary on a mini chain. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi, I don´t think, that the upper one is an NCO, I think it is an Sachsen Albrechtsorden Ritterkreuz 2. X. Kind regards, Andreas
  13. Nice photo, but I think, that he only is Gefreiter. Kind regards Andreas
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