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  1. Hi Glenn and utgardloki, sorry, it seems that I´ve missed both your answers. Another mystery solved, thank you very much. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Danke für die Durchsicht Deiner Datenbank, ich habe Deinen Post leider erst jetzt gelesen, sorry. Viele Grüße Andreas
  3. Hi Gents, thanks a lot for your contribution, but I believe, that he got his medal between 1900 - 1914. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi, I would read the dediction as 1923. Kind regards Andreas
  5. Hi Peter, https://de.todocoleccion.net/militaria-medaillen/orden-militar-cristo-portugal-orden-temple~x84664672 https://veryimportantlot.com/de/lot/view/osterreich-kaiserlich-osterreichischer-franz-jose-174948 but gold or silver, who knows? There are two ribbons, the complete red one is the Friedensband. Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi, 3. Reich German Heeres Offiziersdolch. Regards Andreas
  7. Hi GreyC, thanks a lot, now I know, what I have to read for wintertime. Kind regards Andreas
  8. Hi Gents, I´ve got a german medal bar including a silver medal from the Order of the Oak Crown. I would like to know, if there are rolls from the german recipiens around 1895 - 1914. Every help appreciated. Regards Andreas
  9. Hi, not easy, but I want to try it: goldene Zivilverdienstmedaille or goldene Verdienstmedaille des Ordens der württemb. Krone silberne Zivilverdienstmedaille Dienst-Ehrenzeichen but which one? Erinnerungsmedaille zum 25-jährigen Regierungsjubiläum König Karl Kriegsdenkmünze 70/71 Medaille des St. Annenordens Regards Andreas
  10. Hi Luke, from the 1914 Rangliste der kaiserlich deutschen Marine; Feuerwerks-Oberleutnant Dohnke, Diensteintritt 08.04.1896 Werft in Kiel His medals at this time 1914: Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen, white and orange ribbon not Roter Adler Orden with swords Dienstauszeichnung 2. class for 12 years Rußland Medaille des St. Annen-Ordens, red and yellow ribbon not Baden Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi GreyC, thank´s for shearing this, I allready new this source, but my hope is /was, that someone has a regimental story post 1918, where he is mentioned. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi Gents, is it possible to find out, if Friedrich Waldschmidt born November 3rd 1873 at Raboldshausen, served with Infanterie-Leib-Regiment No. 117 Großherzogin at WW I? Every help most appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
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