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  1. Hi Gents, I think, that this is a german air force general. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi Peter, Major Karl Friedrich Theodor got his Ritterkreuz des Militär Karl Friedrich Verdienstordens on November 13 1916 serving with IR 113. Kind regards Andreas
  3. Hi VtwinVince, not shown on the indistinct engraving, but: http://www.orden-pourlemerite.de/mitglieder/karl-sigismund-kunth Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi Valter, maybe this link will help you: https://www.deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de/DGOWP/bibliothek/digitale-bibliothek/ Kind regards Andreas
  5. Hi Valter, bayr. MVO WW1 bayr. MVO X for China Jub Med für die Armee 1905 Oldenburg Hausorden Peter Friedrich Ludwig EK 2 1914 preuß. Kronenorden or Roter Adler Orden 4 X Chinadenkmünze Regards Andreas
  6. Hi Kvart, thanks for your explanation. So you could buy these membership badges? Regards Andreas
  7. Hi ArHo, I think it is Freikorps Michaelis ( sächsische Grenzjäger ) Kind regards Andreas
  8. Hi Laurentius, https://www.biographien.ac.at/oebl/oebl_S/Schwerdtner_Johann_1834_1920.xml Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi Gents, this medal bar was already discussed here: http://h2385226.stratoserver.net/wbb4/index.php?thread/57643-gefechtsspange-deutsch-neuguinea-1913-14-zur-kolonial-denkmünze/&pageNo=1 long time ago. Kind redards Andreas
  10. Thanks a lot to you all. 👍 Hi Kvart, Is it a normal membership badge? Regards Andreas
  11. Hi gents, recently I was able to buy the estate of a saxonian family. This pin was also located in it. Unfortunateley the photos are not ideal, the silver stamps are J.T. 925 S Any help appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
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