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  1. Sorry I don’t know how to edit the above post but I would like to add that most of our family members from before and after the war was all born in or around Coatbridge in Scotland so it’s just weird that he’s went down to wales to join but he might not be related to us at all. My wife and my youngest daughter has my head wasted with all this family tree stuff and who’s this soldier and that soldier etc 😂 they are away back to 1500’s and family on my dads side is all sirs & judges but we don’t know what happened to the big castles and money 💁🏻‍♂️ My granny must have blown it all at the bingo 🤣🤣
  2. Sorry I forgot about this website and having posted so only just seeing this. The soldier in the picture is who we thought was my grandad Serjeant John Cochrane, 37787, HLI 1st & 18th battalion. Died 25th March 1917. Anyway turns out it isn’t him as we have a picture of John Cochrane from Coatbridge and the Great War book.... we also have a picture of his brother William from the same book so we know it’s not him!! Well anyway apparently the man in this picture is our family somewhere along the line but we don’t have anywhere to start... we aren’t able to scan the picture on to laptop so I’ve took as best I can of the cap badge on the hope someone can help and I noticed it looks very similar to many badges posted above! If we could get a regiment or a few to search through that would be fantastic. We want to be able to look at the regiments and skim the names to see if any match family members. Thanks for any help! John M
  3. Jerry B, I would really like to PM you with my dilemma but it wouldn’t let me so I’m guessing I need to be commenting on things first. I think the picture of my family member might be wearing the same cap badge as the young man above with his cap on the table. We are confused because we think it’s welsh of some sorts but he was born and raised in Coatbridge, Scotland. I just don’t want to annoy people by commenting like crazy on here
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