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  1. octave

    The J.D.M Southern Africa collection

    As usual a out standing collection,and as others have said well mounted and displayed.
  2. octave

    FN FAL Portuguese's

    Well I got lucky I picked up a FN FAL Portuguese's from a sight called The Collectors Site.No luck with the AR 10 but I did pick up a G3 witch also a battle rifle that the Portuguese's also use.I am still looking for field gear and webbing help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks octave.
  3. octave

    FN FAL Portuguese's

    Come on guys nobody has any ideas on how I might put this to-gather.No insight to help me?Comments are welcomed.
  4. Hello I am trying to put together a display of a Portuguese soldier from the Angola Mozambique time frame,I have the uniform and some webbing although I could use more field gear.My main problem is the rifle,I have a AR 10 but its Sudanese.I would prefer a Portuguese FN how hard are these to come by?Any help with field gear or the rifle would be appreciated.
  5. octave

    Pribor-3B assault rifle

    Was it ever put into use or was it discarded as not practial?
  6. octave

    Pribor-3B assault rifle

    I would be intrested in the three mag system and its workings.
  7. Very Nice James,I look forword to seeing the combat version.
  8. Very nice collection of classic handguns.
  9. octave

    Second Model AK-47

    Unfortunetly I do not own a camera, I will try to get a friend of mine to take some pictures.
  10. octave

    Second Model AK-47

    How rare are Second Model AK-47?The reason I ask is I have one that was built in 1954 but I have not seen any others out there,was I just lucky to get this one?
  11. octave

    hunting with battle rifles

    I have hunted deer with my Madsen.
  12. Yes you are right they were not worn do not know what I was thinking, would like nice thoe?kitted?out?with the Sam Browne outfit. PS nice boots. Cheers Chris. ?
  13. Nery nice James, Are you going to put it on a mannequin with the stable belt&bucke? Cheers Chris.
  14. octave

    1/6th scale figures

    I look forward to seeing your next model.