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  1. Hi Simon, Yes, I have several issued wings and non issued wing. The issued wings are to the following; Muchirayi S. Sgt 644723 0022 2 Troop Shumba P. Tpr 646702 0103 7 & 10 Troop, 3 Group Ncube A. Tpr
  2. Thanks for the replies! Just to give you an idea of what I have, here is a shot of the majority of things I have. There are a few other things that are not shown here, but you'll get the idea. Cheers, James
  3. Hi All, This is a bit of a round about question, but rather than just post something in the classifieds, I thought I would check what sort of interest is out there with respect to Selous Scouts items. I collected heavily to the unit, but have not done much with it for several years. Instead, I am collecting to my own regiment. So, is there much interest out there for people wanting items? Cheers, James
  4. Can you say "rip off". This will likely piss some people off, whether some former Scouts served there or not.
  5. I know you know....but lets see if anyone else in the class can figure it out!
  6. With permission of the owner, here is something you don't see every day. Can you tell me why?
  7. I'm finding this post well after it was discussed here. I happened across it as I was curious about this award being given to Pte. Cochran. I am a former Patricia and volunteer at the Regimental Museum. I have been asked about this by visitors, but as I am at the museum when the archivists are not, I've not had the chance to talk to them about it. There is mention, here in this thread, about a telegram with mention to this incident. Does anyone have this that it can be displayed?
  8. Chris, I have seen these things go all over the board. I've seen the numbered/unissued wings go for $50-$450.00. I know of a set of numbered wings that were issued to the Boss, which went for over $5900.00US. Depending on how fast you want to sell them and how low the number is, will determine a good starting point for an asking price. Cheers, James
  9. Thanks Norm! Another badge to put in the sale pile. Cheers, James
  10. Gordon and Norm, Thanks for the replies. I will take some better shots when I get home and post them here. Cheers, James
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