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  1. Pinpon. How long has it taken you to amass this hoard of goodies?
  2. Thanks all. I suppose then that the next bar I wanted made would probably make no sense whatsoever? More a sort of Ruritanian conglomerate? But they look so pretty!! I swear that my Mother was frightened by a Gypsy when I was in the womb. Anything primary coloured and I'm all over it. That's my problem. I'm more interested in the look of the display than the authenticity. Saxon Ernestine House Order Saxon Order of St Henry Bavarian Merit Order Order of the Hohenzollern Baden Order of the Zahrangen Lion Hamburg Hanseatic Cross Austrian Merit Order Hungarian Military Merit Order Order of St Gregory Bulgarian Military Merit Order Wendish Crown Order Austrian Tuetonic Knights Order Order of the Hohenzollern Austrian Crown Order
  3. Mine came from 'Down Under' and the Romanian Order of the Star at the end was put there at my request as I fancied it. The others were supposed to be a Saxon Officer's awards of that era. Are they really that bad??
  4. Ich würde es lieber in Englisch als mein Deutsch ist nicht geeignet für den beteiligten technischen Diskussionen.
  5. I will be most obliged if anyone would give me a recommendation for a reference book (with lots of colour photo's!) that will help me with the collecting of these marvellous awards and decorations. I would prefer a generic oversight as the specific tend to (to my mind at least) bog down with detail. I just want big and colourful, not small and dull. The line below is all I can afford at present but they'll do until my lottery win!Thank you in advance. Terry
  6. This wonderful collection has spurred me on to a new track now so I have (for the moment) left my British Raj badges and now chase something like these, though I think that PinPon has cornered the market and there will be very few nice ones left!
  7. Hello. I recently bought a copy of Sons of John Company which has a lot of badge illustrations and helped me identify 3 badges in my collection that I had as 'unknown' for several years.
  8. Has anything of note occurred in the search for the medals? It would be nice to think that they were back with the family.
  9. Thank you for your identifications Peter. They are most helpful. The book you mentioned 'Izzat' is over £100 now and is only about Cavalry. He intends to cover Infantry and Corps in later books. The illustrations are all black and white though. For £100 I would have liked some glossy colour spreads!! Gongratulations on reaching all the 1's.
  10. Hi Shams. That would be nice. Here are a few of mine, Ignore the prices as they are for my info, only.
  11. Hi all. Can anyone suggest a book which shows the cap badges or insignia of the Indian Regiments, both Native and British, which would have been worn before Partition? Any help appreciated.
  12. Toolkit

    RPG Rocket

    This was my RPG collection before I went mad and sold it to get cash to buy wristwatches!!!
  13. The Dummy paratrooper shown in 'The Longest Day' was NOT an original sand filled piece, rather a 24" high toy-like figure of a soldier, something like Marx Toys were making at that time. I've only ever seen one original dummy in 40 years of collecting and that was in the Market Hall in Crickhowell, Powys. I couldn't find out who owned it so was unable to get any more info. on it.