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    1. By the way, dos someone possess the Stephan Schwarz book "die orden und ehrenzeichen des herzogtums Braunschweig bon 1696 bis 1918" ?
    2. Very nice group ! By the way, do you know if the types of swords (Romischer or franzözischen type guards) are characteristic of one or the other of the duchies of Saxony ? 🫠
    3. Again with saxon duchy... The big brother of the knight cross 2nd class with X arrived today... Enjoy !
    4. One of my favorites... Prussian Hohenzollern Order, knight cross, with box and mini...
    5. by the way, do you know when this way of wearint the cross dates back to ?
    6. Not really an order, but enameled too... Saxony Weimar Wilhelm Ernst Kriegstkreuz... and the White facon order, 2nd class Knight cross, with X : 🥰
    7. Prussian crown order... 3rd class, Wagner made : 4th class, with swords... 2nd class, Wagner made too :
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