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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone here who collects the various state pinbacks and who managed to catch Torsten Straube's update today would certainly have peaked many's interest, myself included. I would like to hear people's thoughts on these 3 pinbacks in particular. Lippe Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat 1914 Steckkreuz - A good award piece by Zimmermann? Do you think the pin has been reattached? Reuß Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1915 Steckkreuz - An award piece? Possible maker? Sachsen-Altenburg Herzog Ernst Medaille mit Schwertern Steckkreuz - An award piece? Possible maker? Those who have you who have these nice awards already, I would love to hear your comparisons. Alan
  2. Thanks Don for posting the pics. I see it went for 557Euro, pricey filler.
  3. Thanks Tomasz I am also hoping to get some weights from other sources for comparision. Best Alan
  4. Does anyone know the weight of a Sachsen-Altenburg Herzog Ernst Medaille Steckkreuz please?
  5. It looked ok to me when compared to what I could find online. So I took a chance on it. Like you say scarce. Thank you for commenting.
  6. Hi Guy, Just tripping around Germany at the moment and I came across this... I know the pics aren‘t the best but does anyone have one to compare? https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/ehrenkreuz-mit-krone-und-schwertern.html Any input would be great. Alan
  7. Hello Guys, After seeing this Hausorden der Wendischen Krone Ritterkreuz recently I took the plunge and bought it. Having just received it in the mail, It has left me with a couple of questions. Firstly it was sold to me as a Gold version, from the pics it is a bit hard to judge but after weighing it I think it is a little too heavy to be gold as I would have expected a weight of around 21g from the reference I have. What do you think Gold or Silver Vergoldet? Does any one have a Gold version they could weigh so that I might compare? Also I would have expected the ose to be gold but this one appears to be a replacement, would this be correct? Lastly were the Knight's Crosses made from 333 (8Kt) 585 (14kt) or 750 (18kT) Gold? so that I might get the right replacement ose Any information would be gratefully received. Mfg. Alan
  8. Thank you Seeheld, here they are. Nice one. Like yourself I also collect the many German States, but have found it increasingly harder to find pieces. Is this something you have found also?
  9. Hi Laurentius, Thank you and yes this is what I have been able to put together from Mecklenburg. Do you have some pieces yourself? Mfg Alan
  10. Hi Seeheld, This information is a great help, thank you. Now I can set about getting the appropriate ring. Mfg Alan
  11. Thank you Roman for opinion and support much appreciated. I look forward to adding this zimmermann Lippe Kriegsehrenkreuz to my collection along with the Reuß Kriegsverdienstkreuz.
  12. I have noticed a few MVKs (1. Kl mX und Kr) for sale lately. I thought I would add them here for future reference. I Look forward to hearing peoples opinions on originality. No.1 No.2 No.3 (Pics taken from eMedals website)
  13. Alan

    German Monarchy Postcards

    Time Left: 23 hours and 44 minutes

    • WANTED

    Hello, I am looking for postcards of these monarchs: Herzog Friedrich II von Anhalt Bernhard III Herzog von Sachsen Meiningen Fürst Heinrich XXVII von Reuß Fürst Günther Victor von Schwarzburg Any help would be much appreciated. Alan


  14. I am just been trying to piece together a few translations, but I am having a little difficulty reading the German script Any help would be greatly appreciated. Zur erinnerung an ....... ausfahrt dem ....... kreig schauplatz Chemnitz 10. Marz 1915 Franz Schilfen
  15. Time Left: 23 hours and 44 minutes

    • WANTED

    Hello Guys, I am looking for a Lippe Detmold Kriegsehrenkreuz für Heldenmütige Tat pinback by Zimmermann. Image supplied by Roman (Solomon) Any help would be much appreciated. Alan


  16. I would have to agree with you it is like the type Homerjey posted and compared with my Mecklenburg Schwerin 1. Kl by Zimmermann I think it looks pretty good. I was also reading this older thread from 2008..
  17. Thank you Tomasz, These are the only pics I have at this time but I will ask for some more. Also thank you for the extra information. Regards Alan
  18. Hi Guys, Would I be correct in saying that this piece would be a post war Zimmermann?
  19. Hello Everyone, Having nearly finished EK equivalents for Junior Officers,I just need a Saxe-Meiningen Medaille "Für Verdienst im Krieg" mit Krone in Bronze not Zinc (Medal for Merit in War with Crown) if you have one..., I thought I would try a put together a wee collection of long service awards (not the Landwehr) from the Imperial German States. This is what I have so far...
  20. So it is.... Is this cross still in your collection Thomas? I found my pics from an auction on eBay.de So does Bury and Leonhardt Hanau supply award pieces and is this one? I notice that it does not have the notches either side of the pin that Don's and Christophe's show.
  21. What's the general opinion about this one? A good Meybauer? Does anyone know who made the award pieces? Alan