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  1. Those ribbon bars are getting expensive. Erich
  2. I better be more careful. ebay i will be returning it.Thanks Erich
  3. 1643 Private James. Clarke 2/60th Foot
  4. This medal has seen better days, I think its a real one anyways. Erich
  5. erichjr

    RAF Group

    No name on any of the medals, so i suppose he is RAF? But why the saaf badges?
  6. Here are some medals to a RAF or SAAF airman. Dogtag says Meth Henshaw FB RAF 1106283. came from an Antique shop in Chicago usa. Erich
  7. The only mark is on the broach, marked sterling. No other marks that i can find on the medal itself. Erich
  8. Just picked up this medal, Looks like an old one, the only mark on it is on the broach marked sterling. Appears to have once had a gold wash on it. Its an MBE or OBE? Erich