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    Royal Dublin Fusiliers - awards, documents, insignia. If you have anything, please let me know. Also I can help out regards basic research of soldiers who fought with the Dubs.

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  1. Have you used UV light? Ribbons are looking modern, stiching is pretty poor and quality of St.Stanislaus looks not so good (now, end of the war quality went down anyway). I think it is made up bar.
  2. Thanks Peter! Too much puzzle to me so I decided to move it in instead...
  3. not the same but close... http://www.medal-medaille.com/medal-french-renaissance-civic-merit-mdaille-mrite-civique-renaissance-franaise-miniature-p-10722.html Here is one more with the same obverse: https://www.morlaix-encheres.com/ventes-aux-encheres/ventes-artistiques/phaleristique-et-naturalia/medaille-d-honneur-agricole-1890
  4. Thank you Peter for your comprehensive reply. Unfortunately I came up with the same result – I saw plenty of medallions only and no (semi)official description what it is exactly. I do not have any French knowledge so it will remain mystery to me. However, I think it was awarded to the priest Charles Leonard. I was able to locate only 2 Charles Leonard’s on the 1901 Census and the priest lived in South part of Dublin where the medal was found and also his place of birth is marked Lorraine! He could have had some connections in France! http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/search/results.jsp?searchMoreVisible=false&census_year=1901&surname=Leonard&firstname=Charles&county19011911=Dublin&county1821=&county1831=&county1841=&county1851=&parish=&ward=&barony=&townland=&houseNumber=&ded=&age=&sex=&search=Search&ageInMonths=&relationToHead=&religion=&education=&occupation=&marriageStatus=&yearsMarried=&birthplace=&nativeCountry=&language=&deafdumb=&causeOfDeath=&yearOfDeath=&familiesNumber=&malesNumber=&femalesNumber=&maleServNumber=&femaleServNumber=&estChurchNumber=&romanCatNumber=&presbNumber=&protNumber=&marriageYears=&childrenBorn=&childrenLiving=
  5. Hi all, A random find from Dublin. Claimed to be a find from the house clearance (Rathgar, Rathmines area). What medal it is exactly, which kind of ribbon I need for it and is there any records available what for Mr. Charles Leonard got that award on the 31 May 1908? Thanking you in advance, Noor
  6. Noor


    Hi all, What kind of numbered French wings are these? Also what period? Judging by construction I guess 50-60s or even younger? Thanking you for your help in advance.
  7. Thanks guys! Stuka f, you have a nice theme going on there. If you need another one, then It's yours. Send me pm then. Yes, that's the Belgium unit that came in my mind as well but I didn't remember the name. Thanks again!
  8. Hi all, I came across with this badge below and just wondering what it is - a military or hunting related? I kind a remember that some central Europe units used bore as their symbol on their units. Also badges construction, I think, is French or Belgium style. Thanking you in advance, Noor
  9. Hi all, I have this pair listed up on ebay already because these are not my collecting interest but I still would like to learn and understand from what period these are from? They are sterling silver stamped pair of USN collars. Very interesting and definitely not modern screw fixing system on the back. Could some of you with more knowledge can advise from what period these were used? WW1 perhaps? Thanks, Noor
  10. Looks kind a familiar combination... Only imperial Russian award has been moved a step down.
  11. Hi all, Does this ribbon bar and the uniform insignia, etc makes sence? Thanks, Noor
  12. Hi, I just sent you his comprehensive service file that got. This explains why he retired, why there is no trace of him and why his family forgot him. Very very sad story...
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