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    Identifying a projectile

    Thanks for the welcome and reply Mervyn. There was a small WWII era base nearby, but from what I've heard did not have any guns this large. Perhaps practice off the coast. This area did have a lot of ship building from the 1600's through the 1800's. There were also many shipwrecks in the area from storms, rocks, fog and shifting shoals. We had quite a bit of discussion on whether it might be solid or not. There was material stuck to the end and I was a bit wary as to trying to clean it off to see if it might have been hollow.
  2. skyliner44

    Identifying a projectile

    This was recently found on a beach in Massachusetts after heavy surf removed a lot of sand. It's approx. 7 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. It weighs just under 8 pounds with the attached encrusted material. Any ideas as to age/era, type of weapon it was fired from? No identifying marks except a very slightly raised cross or star type shape at the tip and is difficult to see in the photos. At the time it was found, several people thought it could still be live and it was turned over to the police and I'm told it was destroyed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. I was recently researching some items from my Dad's WWII memorabilia; in particular a Walther double barrel flare pistol, and found this site and thread. I remember him showing it to me about 40 years ago and I thought it was the coolest gun. I thought I'd share some photos of it. Great site, very informative.