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  1. Thank you. Beside the 3 pieces there is more out of his post war time. I could not find anything about his military service. All traces start after the war in Dresden when he used to be first telegraf worker and later telegraf assistent.
  2. Here is something of my late grandma´s father who served in the Royal Saxon Army:
  3. The only thing I know for sure about the pictures enclosed they have been taken in Pirna near Dresden. The unit numbers are not visible but the Pirna garrison consisted of 2. Field Artillery Regiment No. 28 (until 1913), 5. Field Artillery Regiment No. 64 and 1st Pioneers No. 12 (from 1913). Of course the soldiers could be from the nearby Dresden garrison as well. Maybe you can tell me more about the soldiers shown: Picture number 3 could have been taken at the Graue Kaserne - home of FAR28
  4. It is the so called Ullrichskreuz remenbering the Schlacht auf dem Lechfeld of the year 955. All remarks on a military backround refer to the Wiki-site about the battle. But afaik it is wrong. The crosses also called Benediktuskreuz were very popular among pilgrims in the south of Germany. So, they are a kind of early souvernirs
  5. I have to check whether the address is legible. The postcard was used. There is an Bavarian stamp on the back but it is not legible when it was mailed.
  6. Any idea when the picture was made and maybe something about the unit? Could it be Bavarians?
  7. I hope somebody can identify the regiment and rank of the following picture: http://img38.imageshack.us/i/005zga.jpg/
  8. Those strange Saxons...

    For me it looks like some season greetings or a christmas card. The exact German wording only says that he wears the two medals and not that they are given to him with this "document".
  9. He might has changed his name in England from Karl to Charles. So you better look for Karl W. Lange. Unfortunately their should be plenty of Karl Langes in the records...
  10. Thanks, Uwe. That would make sense. So the picture seems to show the wellcome of Pioni-Bataillon 12 in Pirna in 1913.
  11. Thank you. Any idea concerning the first picture?
  12. The 2nd picture shows a guy from 1. königlich-sächsisches Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 12. Do you have any idea concerning his rank?
  13. I need some help with a picture taken in Pirna/Saxony about 1913. I am not sure whether the picture shows pioneers or field artillery. I guess it is rather pioneers:
  14. Another propaganda postcard. Is the canon shown anything real or just phantasiie of the painter?