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  1. I have recently acquired a beautiful OZL Knight's Cross 1st Cl. w/Oaks & Swords. Can anyone tell me what the three objects are in front of the castle ruins? All the best .. GB
  2. Heiko, That is a good one, I think I get the point. Thank you for taking the time to translate that little pearl of wisdom for me.
  3. I cannot translate the statement above. Can someone translate this?
  4. Beautiful! It looks gold, is the other side silver?
  5. Thank you tompress! Is there any significance to these three stones? And thank you for the two links! GB
  6. Does anybody here know the significance of the scene depicted on the front of the Prussian and Bavarian pilot badges? I understand the Traube was the first military aircraft, but where is the actual location of the road, the hills and buildings? What buildings are these? All the best .. Mike W.
  7. The only two authentic Memellande medals, that I am aware of, that have a maker's mark is a slanted G type, "H.G." stamped on the rim and the L/11 by Deumer, L/11 stamped on the suspension ring. There may be other maker marked examples that I haven't seen or heard about. Not all slanted G types have the H.G. stamping .. It has been proven, without question, that there were multiple manufacturers of the Memellande medal. And that these manufacturers produced both the slanted style G and the straight G style. (the G seems to be the starting reference point) It is also extremely important to only make comparisons between known "like" manufacturers. For example, you cannot compare an L/11 to an H.G. marked medal. Two different makers! You must always compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges to achieve any form of constructive accuracy. So comparisons of Ms, 9s or acorns between different manufacturers is a waste of time. It's a common belief these medals were never cast, they were stamped (coined). This is "one" sure way to identify a reproduction. Experts agree, to make an accurate determination of authenticity, you should have the medal in hand. Dimensions and weight is another factor. The ones with the slanted G are popular because one with that style of G is "clearly" pictured in Dr. Heinrich Doehle's publication in 1943. "Badges-Decorations and Insignia of the Third Reich." Because of this they are widely accepted as "textbook" and the easiest to sell. I think the sell ability carries allot of weight here......... BUT ..... There are also known fakes with the slanted style G .. With all of the research into the Memellande medal and the subsequent discoveries, we must rethink the old ways of authentication and open our minds to the new facts. During the Third Reich period there were, in fact, multiple manufacturers of the Memellande medal and there obviously was variation, between the different makers, in the fonts or styles of letters and numbers. Rob, it is possible your Memelland medal is a good one. It seems to be stamped and not cast .. You might catch some flak about the "plinth" touching the rim .. There will always be a clash of opinion on these medals as there seems to be a distinct line in the sand between the slant G brigade and those with the ability to think outside the box. Thanks to Uwe (speedytop) for your ongoing efforts. All the best ..
  8. Hello all .. I collect DLV, NSFK, HJ items pertaining to building and flying model airplanes, model airplane clubs and competitions.. Finding authentic items in this area is tough, so I have to grab whatever I can find. I spotted this badge on a major dealer's site, he claims it is rare and authentic. Here is part of his description: Member badge imperial aero and model fliers of the association in the representation similarly the imperial flier badges. I cannot find anything in my reference materials so I wrote the seller and he said he didn't have anything other than some document and he was being quite vague. If anybody happens to know if the description is accurate or has actual reference material about this badge, I'd sure appreciate a little help. All the best .. Mike W.
  9. Thank you Ferg1 .. I greatly appreciate the information. Once you see an original, it is obvious that Weitze's badge is a put together, or should I say throw together. What a shame, he is asking for over a thousand dollars for his.. Your badge is a beauty, to be sure. I'd love to have it. Model airplane items are real hard to find. Again thanks for the help.. All the best .. Mike W.
  10. Hello all ..... I would be interested in hearing your opinions of this badge.. It looks much better in person.. These images are a little dark and blueish in color. The badge has, what I would qualify as, a natural patina.. It has crisp detail and very high quality.. Thanks in advance... Mike[attachmentid=56423]
  11. Wow! This is wild! It has been over two years and I return to discover that the thread I started over two years ago has been revived! Vinland30, I have done a pile of research on these Bavarian badges and had come to the conclusion the ones with the die flaw in the pin well are reproductions. I had purchased the Bavarian badge from Kenneth Greenfield (Der Rittmeister) and after three years, he gave me a cheerful refund. The case I had the Bavarian pilot badge in was purchased on eBay. I sold it to Ken. All the best ... Mike W.
  12. An authentic example is available on Bill Shea's site, (The Ruptured Duck) for $1,095. (Just go to Medals and Badges, it's the first one..) That's cheap! I don't need one, or I'd be all over it ..
  13. What do you see? Is it the stamping on the reverse? You have peaked my curiosity..
  14. Very good ! Notice the tiny stain on the silk just to the lower right. Same one.. Anyway, I've dumped the case and the badge.... All the best... Mike W.
  15. Luftmensch, Do a comparison between the case on this link and mine: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...t=carl+poellath What do you think? Best.. Mike W.
  16. I sent Rick a PM .. He must be out of town... Best... Mike W.
  17. Thanks Rick.. A PM has been sent.. All the best... Mike W.
  18. Your opinions as to authenticity would be greatly appreciated. Karl Pollath ??[attachmentid=56338]
  19. Brian, That is all very interesting. But what makes you so sure one type is good and one type is bad? How can you be sure? Best... Mike