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    1. Listed as a “Prinzen” PLM, this was offered to me for $350, someone bought it.
    2. Fake Bavarian Observer Badge in a fake case. Opening bid is $365, BIN is $475.
    3. So, would it be logical to assume attaching the swords would signify it being a medal?
    4. This fake Wagner PLM in a fake case was offered to me for a mere $1400!
    5. Final bid on the lot from what I can see was 23.500 Euro! Yikes!!
    6. There’s four Cuban medals on eBay Germany right now, two have documents. One document is complete, the other is blank. Reasonable asking prices. Doesn’t ship to the US so you’ll need help from a friend overseas
    7. Good Morning!! I’ve seen a number of these different crosses over the years. I think they’re interesting but have never explored them as a potential addition to my collection. Thanks for sharing!
    8. An obscure area of Imperial Germany to me, don’t know what interest there might be but if this is legitimate, it might be a bargain! On US eBay now, asking $399.
    9. @Marcel B., Good Morning! I understand completely. Not my images, culled out of the listing on eBay. For some reason when I search for my interests (Saxon Order of St. Henry) Soviet items appear. Years ago Rick Research tried to push me into Soviet ODM, I dabbled a little but never really caught the bug for it. There’s certainly some beautifully done Soviet pieces as well as the Soviet made Mongolian awards but very early on they started making copies. Thanks for the advice and help, was really just curious.
    10. For the members: The purpose of this thread is to keep everyone advised and informed of the plethora of copies flooding eBay on both sides of the pond. Please take note of the images and sellers. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that you might get burned, it happens to all of us and we have to live and learn. But keeping an eye on these items may help prevent that from happening. Happy Collecting and enjoy the hunt!!
    11. I can’t imagine what would cause that damage to appear like that. Any chance of getting a full, big picture of the front and back of that cross?
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