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  1. Hello. Is for sale. Has on the ring an bronze mark. Is real or fake? Thanks,any opinion is welcome. Best regards,jannis.
  2. Hello Tomasz. Was in auction and now is closed,unfortunately I don't have more info or photos. By the way,starting price was 39 Euros and is not sold. Thanks. Regards,Jannis.
  3. Hello. Despite my 200 Euros bid, unfortunately did not win the auction. Thanks to all. Regards, Jannis
  4. Hello. Is for sale. Is real or fake? Thanks,any opinion is welcome. Best regards,jannis.
  5. Hello. I have today received the NCO bar. In the medals lot,was this golden military merit cross. I know it is not original, but I would like to know if it is a modern copy or one of the so-called "Ordenspange Stueck",so a replacement medal for the medals bar is. Thanks, any opinion and comment is welcome. Best regards, jannis
  6. Hello. I believe is original, but I also want the opinion From more experienced collectors like me. The ribbon bar has no maker marks. Exist at all fake ribbon bars? The ribbon does not glow under blacklight, but the hook is uncommon and look as is from aluminum. Please your opinion. Every comment is welcome. Thanks, Jannis.
  7. Hello. Thank you, that's good news. I hope I can win. Best regards,jannis.
  8. Hello. Thank you, for your comment. After my own search in the web, I am also in the same opinion as you. I hope I can win the auction at a reasonable price. Thank Again. Regards, Jannis.
  9. Hello. Thanks for your comment. I also want to be sure that it is an original one When I received it, I'll make better photos and upload here for a reliable opinion. Regards, Jannis.
  10. Hello. I have purchased this medal today,so that I can complete my NCO bar . I added photos from the auction. I think the medal is good,bud for the ribbon ring and ribbon I'm not sure. Please your opinion. Every comment is welcome. Thanks, Jannis.
  11. Hello Laurentius. You're right, if the ribbon is original, I'll keep it the way it is. I want to wait until I get it. Best regards, Jannis.
  12. Hello Andreas. Again, many thanks, for the quick but above all excellent help. Best regards, Jannis.
  13. Hello. I won an auction with this medal bar today. I think, the medal bar is very interesting. I add photos from the auction. I have a few questions to all and please want yours help. An Prussian medal bar with Austrian medals, is it real or not? From WWI to end of the 30s is to long time,is it possible to create such a composition without long service medals? On the auctions photos all the medals do not all belong to the medal bar, anyone can give me the right order. Thanks,any opinion is welcome. Best regards,jannis.
  14. Hello. Many thanks Andreas for the information. You are right, the Krieger Verdienstmedaille might fit. Please, two question. Firstly, how did you recognize that it is an NCO bar? Secondly, I thought,because the first two are Prussian medalss is the medal bar also. Because the Krieger Verdienstmedaille is awarded only to foreign soldiers is the logical way the medal bar Austrian. Why have a Austrian medal bar Foreign- Prussian medals at the beginning and not at the end? Thanks, for any help. Regards, Jannis. Hallo. Viele Dank Andreas fuer die Informationen. Sie haben recht,der Krieger Verdienstmedaille konnte passen. Bitte,zwei Frage. Erstens,wie haben Sie erkannt dass es eine NCO bar ist? Zweitens,ich dachte,da die erste zwei Preusse medaillien sind,ist die Ordenspange auch, da aber der Krieger Verdienstmedaille nur an auslaendische Soldaten verliehen wird ist die logische weise Österreichische. Warum hat sie dan die Auslaendische-Preusse medaillien am Anfang und nicht am Ende? Danke,fuer jede Hilfe. Gruesse,Jannis.
  15. Hello Laurentius . First, many thanks for your help. If the first one is in the row is an EK2 then all others are right. What irritates me is that in the medals was not an EK2 but a Prussian Military Merit Cross (militärisches Verdienstkreuz) and has the same band as the EK2. Thanks again. Regards, Jannis.
  16. Hello. I have add this LOM - Chief Commander in my collection. After my research, I belive is made in the 60s to the 70s by IRA Green. Please, correct me if I am wrong. Because the LOM star look worn,I would like to know who may have borne it. Can anyone tell me how many have been awarded and if a holder list exist for the period 60s-70s. Every comment is welcome. Thanks. Regards, Jannis.
  17. Hello. Very nice LOM and I think is rare,I have never seen one with this maker mark. I have received my LOM today,in natura is an impressive piece. The overall width is 2 15⁄16 inches (75 mm) and has an weight of 93.4 gramms Has unfortunately not any maker marks. Regards, Jannis.
  18. Hello. Thanks for the reply. I do not know, I have bought this last week from Germany, is always on the way to me. If I have received it,will looking if has any makers marks or symbols. Is was really a beautiful award. It would be really interesting to know how many or who is likely to wear it. Thanks again. Regards,Jannis.
  19. Hello. Thank you very much for your comment. Regards, Jannis.
  20. Hello. Despite my 221.79 euros bids, unfortunately did not won the auction. Regards,Jannis.
  21. Hello. This Rising Sun 4th Class is for sale and I will try to buy it. My opinion,is good one with Austrian style ribbon. Please, someone can date it? Every comment is welcome. Thanks. Regards,Jannis.
  22. Hello. Igor,sorry,for the late reply. Unfortunately, I did not win the auction. Is sold for 101 Euros. Thanks. Regards, Jannis.
  23. Hello. Is for sale and I will buy it. I have looked in the forum, but have not found an variant like this. I believe is original, but I also want the opinion from more experienced collectors like me. Please your opinion. Every comment is welcome. Thanks,Jannis.
  24. Hello. That is good news. Thank you very much for your answer. I hope ,I can win. Regards,Jannis.