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Gentlemen , I have bought these two post war optics from that "Janus" system which we all frequent from time to time - " The God eBay".

Both are post war Royal Navy optics and I wonder if they might be related in developmental terms , the smaller evolving into the larger perhaps ?

I will put my hand on my heart and say I know little about them and would be grateful if anyone might be able to tell me anything.

Presently I "assume" that they are for tracking incoming missiles but an more than willing to be corrected. (A guess at best.)

I would like to know what power sources might be used to put life into them and any opinion as to how they preformed at "the sharp end " , good points and bad points.

Unfortunately someone took the electrical leads of the smaller set but for ?35 cleaned internally they will be good to use , they so nearly , nearly fit on the 10x80 flakglas mount.

Simple information e.g maker age , service history etc would be greatly appreciated.

My thanks to all in advance.

( At presnet I am waiting for the larger set to reach me and have used the sales photos from "eBay" as I have none of my own yet.


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The larger of the two sets.

I have had one in my hands before and was much impresed by the quality of the build and optics , just this evening saw a set of this type on a documentery on BBC-1 about a RN destroyer making her way to the Gulf.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks to all in advance.

james s

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