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Zwingmann, Johann Dr.

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Zwingmann Dr. Johann (Hans)
Born: 4th April 1906 - Regensburg
Died: 11th February 1984 - Schongau

Highest Rank : Military - SS - Sturmbannführer -21.6.44 (SS Nr.142.025)

: Civil - President Reichsbahndirektion München - 1.9.43 (NSDAP Nr. 916.230)

Awards - Blutordensträger,
Dr. Johann (Hans) Zwingmann, aged 17 years, 1923 a member of Stosstrupps Hitler, Freikorp Bund Oberland, Batallion Lauterbach took part in Hitler's failed Munich putsch 9th November 1923. Had a dual career, top position in Reichsbahn, President Munich Area. Then 21.6.44 SS - Sturmbannführer

After the war, stay in top management of the railways in Munich until retirement 1962

Image: Promotion - Railway Official - Citation Dedication - 1st April 1945

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