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  1. Oberleutnant Paul Schwarzrock (also known as Rudolf/Udo) Born: 19th June 1912 in Danzig Highest rank reached: Oberstleutnant Chef 1./Inf.Rgt GD Führer 4./Inf.Ers.Btl 99 Chef 12./Inf.Rgt GD Kdr II/Gren.Ers.Brigade GD Kdr Ers.Abt 'Schnelle Truppen' GD Kdr I/Pz.Gren.Rgt GD 7./Pz.Gren.Rgt GD Kdr Pz.Gren.Ers.Rgt GD Führer Pz.Gren.Rgt GD Kdr Gren.Ers.Brigade GD RK: 19-08-1944
  2. Without a date and place of birth it might be difficult. If you have those details then you could hire a researcher to see if his personnel file exists in the Bundesarchiv Berlin (Enlisted Men) or Freiburg (Officers). As long as he has been dead for 10 years or more or 100 years have passed from his date of birth then the researcher should be able to access it.
  3. Oberleutnant Erich Rudorffer Born: 01-Nov-1917 in Zwochau Died: 08-April-2016 Highest rank reached: Major 2./JG-2 6./JG-2 Staffelkapitän 6./JG-2 Gruppenkommandeur II/JG-2 Gruppenkoomandeur IV/JG-54 Gruppenkommandeur II/JG-54 Gruppenkommandeur I/JG-7 II/JG-7 RK: 01-May-1941 EL: 11-April-1944 Schw: 26-January-1945 DKiG: 09-December-1941 Credited with 222 Kills
  4. The date of birth doesn't match but there is a Major Hans-Joachim von Samson-Himmelstjerna listed as dying on 27th April 1944 while serving with Pz.Gren.Rgt 64. A relation perhaps?
  5. It could well be. It looks like it says Kdr Div.Kr.Offz under the signature so I would assume the Kr is Kraftwagen.
  6. Looks like it could be Dipl.Ing Theodor Macht - promoted to Oberst on 1st November 1941 and assigned to AOK 9. See here for career details (the dates for AOK 9 is slightly out but could be the difference between taking up the position and the official appointment date. http://www.ww2.dk/Lw Offz - L-R Apr 2021.pdf
  7. Those are ranks and signatures - Gefr (Gefreiter) and then a signature followed by Uffz (Unteroffizier) followed by a signature. If he was killed or died of wounds it wouldn't be entered under a weapon issue.
  8. Were they still manufacturing the Waffenrock in 1944?
  9. I would say it is a fake. The way the signature is signed across the typed F.d.R is an old fakers way of making it harder to decipher the signature.
  10. The Index thread to compliment this superb thread is now up to date. As always, if you spot any mistakes etc just let me know.
  11. Courtesy of new member Erik E: This is my first post. Start with this E.K. 2. "urkunde" from 18. august 1916 to ??? L. Hermann signed 20. august 1916 by Major und Kommandeur der Pioniere IX K.A. Krischbert ? I have sought on the internet and can not find anything. Do any of the members know who this is? Courtesy of member The Prussian: Hello! Does anyone have an officers list of the High command of Heeresgruppe Mackensen in 1917 including turkish officers? I need to know who signed this paper (it´s for a visit of the imperial castle in Bucharest) He was the Imperial Turkish authorized general staff officer in the high command of the army group Mackensen. Major Tewfik (Binbaşı Tevfik): chief of staff 26th turkish Division Oberleutnant Schuekri (Üsteğmen Şükrü) Oberleutnant Sirri (Üsteğmen Sırrı) Leutnant Sureya (Teğmen Süreyya): Btl.Kdr. II./türk. 73.Inf.Rgt Unteroffizier Chewfki (Astsubay Şevki) signed, Major ??? Thanks a lot!
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