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  1. It is hard to say. There have been a lot of these various papers on the market that are described as coming from the archive relating to the Graf Spee and I think the jury is out on whether they are original, fakes or copies of originals.
  2. Some interesting photos showing the PE rune. I have a Soldbuch to a Prinz Eugen Knights Cross & DKiG winner but unfortunately it doesn't have his photo in it.
  3. In that case, all good. And the KvK citation confirms that the unit was based in Nürnberg.
  4. Thank you. There is very little information available about these units which are ordnance depots. Feldzeugommando XIII was based in Nürnberg and from September 1943 to October 1944 it was commanded by Gottfried Riemhofer. The lack of a stamp from a static unit is strange and I can not compare the signature with anything as I don't have another example so I can't be 100% certain that this is a genuine example.
  5. I agree, it is a fake. Wrong stamp, poor attempt at Burgdorf's signature (too large a gap between Burg & dorf) and lastly that is a Luftwaffe variant of the citation not Heer.
  6. Richard Walther Darre Born: 14 Jul 1895 Died: 05 Sep 1953 Highest rank held: SS-Gruppenführer Chef Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt (RuSHA) Reichsministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft (Reich Minister of Food and Agriculture) Reichsbauernführer Author: Das Bauerntum als Lebensquell der Nordischen Rasse (1927) & Neuadel aus Blut und Boden (1930)
  7. Martin Mutschmann Born: 09 Mar 1879 Died: 14 Feb 1947 - Executed in Moscow Gau-jägermeister Sachsen Reichsstatthalter Sachsen
  8. I don't think I've seen one without a stamp. While not common, definitely genuine examples of these award citations to the two sisters do crop up from time to time so might be best waiting and looking around for one with a stamp just to make sure.
  9. I can't say that I have and if this is coming from the same place as the Gneisenau citation then it's possibly best left alone.
  10. It looks like an interesting item. The date for the trip to Romania coincides with the setting up of the German Military Mission in that country. Although he wears a Luftwaffe uniform the rank of Flugzeugfunker is a civilian term and so it could be that he was seconded to Lufthansa and was flying in various civilian aircraft between the countries, maybe shuttling diplomats, diplomatic despatches or VIP's around.
  11. I recently saw this Narvikschild related Soldbuch. Unfortunately it was already sold by the time I saw it. He served in GJR-138.
  12. I'm afraid I've not been able to find anything about his awards either online or in my books. Have you attempted to check the personnel files at NARA to see if they have a copy of his?
  13. Oberst Kurt Wuthenow Born: 15 April 1889 Died: 02 January 1981 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor Kdr Wehrbezirks Hersfeld Kdr Inf.Ers.Rgt 15 Im Stab der Division z.b.V. 409 Kdr Infanterieregiments 114 Kmdt zum Lehrgang im Kriegsgefangenenwesen Kmdt des Oflag IV/D Kmdt des Kriegsgefangenenbezirks Norwegen Kmdt des Oflag VI/C
  14. Some nice images. Are the actual albums German or just the photos that were placed in the album by your great uncle? It looks like white writing has been rubbed out from under the photos and replaced with English descriptions.
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