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  1. Looks like it could be Dipl.Ing Theodor Macht - promoted to Oberst on 1st November 1941 and assigned to AOK 9. See here for career details (the dates for AOK 9 is slightly out but could be the difference between taking up the position and the official appointment date. http://www.ww2.dk/Lw Offz - L-R Apr 2021.pdf
  2. Those are ranks and signatures - Gefr (Gefreiter) and then a signature followed by Uffz (Unteroffizier) followed by a signature. If he was killed or died of wounds it wouldn't be entered under a weapon issue.
  3. Were they still manufacturing the Waffenrock in 1944?
  4. I would say it is a fake. The way the signature is signed across the typed F.d.R is an old fakers way of making it harder to decipher the signature.
  5. The Index thread to compliment this superb thread is now up to date. As always, if you spot any mistakes etc just let me know.
  6. Courtesy of new member Erik E: This is my first post. Start with this E.K. 2. "urkunde" from 18. august 1916 to ??? L. Hermann signed 20. august 1916 by Major und Kommandeur der Pioniere IX K.A. Krischbert ? I have sought on the internet and can not find anything. Do any of the members know who this is? Courtesy of member The Prussian: Hello! Does anyone have an officers list of the High command of Heeresgruppe Mackensen in 1917 including turkish officers? I need to know who signed this paper (it´s for a v
  7. Does anyone know who signed this? It has been signed on behalf of rather than by the person who held the position so can not find anything that fits. At the date show Karl Kriebel held the position shown on the citation while Ernst-Eberhard Hell held the command position in VII.Armeekorps - neither signature matches.
  8. To compliment the outstanding Kriegsmarine Cap Tallies thread here is an index to help people look for any examples that have already been posted. Just because an example has been posted please do not stop posting any similar examples of a cap tally in wear as the index can be updated as and when required to include it. There does seem to be a formatting issue when having to inset new entries in-between existing ones which leaves a bigger than normal space between the entries. If anyone knows how to overcome this without it breaking the links your help would be appreciated. M
  9. Of the handful of Reuter's listed, the closest to match in terms of arm of service is a Hauptmann Reuter serving in Infanterie-Rgt 116 but that is most probably Erich Reuter who won the DKiG as a Major in February 1942, RK as an Oberstleutnant in August 1942 and the Oakleaves in January 1945 as a Generalmajor while always serving as an infantry officer and not panzergrenadier.
  10. The only names listed in the 01-1939 Stellenbesetzung that start with REU are: Reubert Reuchlin von Reumont Reuning Reusch Reuschling Reuse Reuss Reussner Reuter Reuthe Reuther Reutter Graf Reuttner von Wehl
  11. They list German servicemen missing in action by unit in WW2, some with a photo. That's just a small amount of the full series. They are all online for free now. DRK: https://vbl.drk-suchdienst.online/
  12. From member CanCol: Greetings, everyone. I need help identifying a signature and I am hoping someone knows who this is. The signature is from 1941 and for the Kreisleiter of Kreis IX, NSDAP Gau Berlin. It is my understanding all, or almost all documents for Kreis IX were destroyed in 1945 or were captured by the Soviet Union. Can anyone identify this signature? Many thanks, Barb
  13. I don't often post items from my collection anymore but here is one item that I was able to trade for earlier this year during the height of the pandemic and being primarily a Grossdeutschland collector it will be hard for me to top. It is the Soldbuch and Führerschein to General der Panzertruppe Gerhard Graf von Schwerin who would win the Knights Cross, Oakleaves and Swords. In 1939 he was assigned as battalion commander of I/Infanterie-Rgt GD and would actually command the regiment for the opening of the invasion of France due to von Stockhausen being away for a few days (von Stockhausen's s
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