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Paul C

James Logan of Troon, Scotland

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This maybe a hard one. I am writing a story for my next book about a Lt. Robert Logan, USMC, born 1919 in Troon, Scotland, who died in 1944 in a plane crash. He father James Logan, born February 13, 1886 in Scotland. I believed that James Logan live in Troon when the war began in 1914. He would have been 28 and married to a Ruth Logan and without children. I hope this is enough information to determine if he served during WWI. If he did I would like to know his when he entered service, his unit, was he wounded and what engagements he fought in. If I can nail this down it will be a great introduction to the story of Robert Logan. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I hope someone will be able to assist Paul with his enquiry  ?   Perhaps the local census for that period.     Mervyn


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