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  1. Those are some beautiful bars Claudio and Mike and thanks for posting them. Mike to you know who your bar belonged to? What is the third decoration from the right?
  2. It seems like not much is going on here so let's try something new. Show the best or your most favorite piece in your collection and explain why it is your best or most favorite. This is not limited to medal, anything is acceptable. So I will start. Below is the ribbon bar to Admiral Doctor med. Josef Freymadl. This is the first ribbon bar I ID its owner all by myself. Even Rick L. was not able to do the ID. Although I have sold almost all of my collection I held on to this piece. The above photo must be pre-1913 as WWI decorations and the Bavarian Jubilee are not on the medal bar.
  3. Thank you for posting and information. If anyone has one to sell please let me know. Thanks.
  4. I have started to have an interest in British medals and decorations. My interest has always been in researchable items which leads me to the WWI memorial plaques. Would some members be kind enough to post some pics of their plaques with the package and letters and what would be sent to the next of kin? Also what is the price range of the plaques? How difficult is it to get the persons service record? Thanks in advance.
  5. I can confirm that the above ribbon bar did come from Rick's collection. I am not sure how Rick made the attribution, but I trust his judgment.
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