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British military deaths in Crete. 1897 to 1909

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What I think/hope is a complete list of British losses in Crete between 1897 and 1909, and commemorated on the island, is attached.

Alternatively, it can be found here: http://mickmctiernan.com/history/british-military-deaths-crete-1897-to-1909/

I think I've tracked them all down, but if anyone has any to add please let me know, I'm more than happy to update the list. I'm also happy to supply a spreadsheet with this, and a bit more, info on request.

Mick McT

British Military Deaths in Crete 1897 to 1909.docx

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Thank you for taking on what mst have been a fairly major task and ensuring that these men are not completely forgotten!

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