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I have this 17/21 Lancers Off Dress cap.

Generally speaking, it looks good to me: all cloth parts are well made and coherent, side brass buttons are present and well fitted.

The chin strap is a plastic one

But what about the cap badge?

It looks silver plate and burnished

It is attached by two horizontal lugs/loops of white metal

Would you tell me if it is a good genuine cap or...a wrong one frown.gif ?

Thank you in advance,



DSC_0001 - Copie.JPG

DSC_0002 - Copie.JPG

DSC_0003 - Copie.JPG

DSC_0004 - Copie.JPG

DSC_0006 - Copie.JPG

DSC_0008 - Copie.JPG

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As I said on the other forum, lovely cap and all correct IMO

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