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Fußartillerie-Battery 1000

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I found the site by chance during research, after my registration, I allow myself to ask my first question.
I seek to know the route of Fußartillerie-Battery 1000, which would have been in the north of France, between Douai and Arras between the end of 1916 and April 9, 1917, date of the beginning of the English offensive in Artois.
This battery was to serve a 240 marine gun on wagon.
If it's possible of course!!
thanks a lot for your help

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As I wrote you personally, I only know the battery used to be in 5th army in 1918.

I don´t have any infos about 1916/17.

The gun must be a 238mm, L/40

By the way, welcome to the forum!

Here are two examples of that gun (unit unknown), but the first photo could fit to Arras/Douai.

Eisenbahnkanone, 238mm, L-40 (24cm Eisenbahnkanone) Theodor Karl (im Industriegebiet).JPG

Eisenbahnkanone, 238mm, L-40 (24cm-Eisenbahnkanone Theodor Karl mit Besatzung).JPG

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