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  1. Hi! Probably a unit with the number 7, that was mentioned honourable 4-5 times in the order of the army (Yellow-green Fourragère)
  2. Hi Glenn! Thanks a lot! And who do we see in the photo? Koch or Rath? I don´t understand the Ehrenrangliste. If he was promoted to GM in 1916, he should have been listed in "Wiederverwendete Offiziere Oberst a.D", shouldn´t he? v. Rath became Oberst January 27, 1915 Koch became GM a.D. in 1916. So the photo musthave been taken just before he received that rank, because it´s "1914-1916"
  3. Hello Glenn! I´ve got a question about Koch. In the Ehrenrangliste he is listed as reactivated Generalmajor a.D. What about v. Rath? He was Oberst and the first commander of that regiment.
  4. Hello! The word "Staffelstab" was translated in the book "Vocabulary of german military terms and abbreviations" (19189 with: "Divisional train échelon". It was the divisonal staff of supply matters.
  5. Hi Tony! Yes it is! Here we see Fußartillerie-Bataillon 157 (Heavy Artillery)! We also see the yellow shoulder straps for heavy artillery (M15). They appear black, that´s normally
  6. Ah, ok! Very intersting news! This medal is quiet new to me... I´m glad, that my medal is in good condition. At the most medals the reverse (the earth) is invisible because it scratched at the uniform...
  7. Merci beaucoup, Hendrik! So it´s possible, the medal is an early one. If the clasp is original, the wearer might had been partipicated in Algérie until 1882 (I´ve heard, the last Algérie-clasp was for battles in 1882)
  8. Hello! That makes me wonder. On different pages I really saw, because of the suspension it´s from 1930 or later...
  9. Hello Graham! The site is very good! Thanks a lot! It really seems, that I´ve got a later one... The clasp "Algérie" was awarded for battles between 1830 and 1882. So I must say, the clasp would not belong to a 1930 model... Right?
  10. Hello! I just received this french colonial medal. I´d like to know, if someone knows, if this is the first or second model. 1) 1893-1914 2) 1914-1962 Later it was renamed into "La médaille d´outre-mer" It has a clasp "Algérie" (from March 6, 1894) The front is signed by "Georges Lemaire" (unfortunately I couldn´t get it readable...) And the reverse: Thanks a lot!!!!
  11. Hello! Are we talking about 14/18 or 39/45? An Inf.Rgt.459 was raised Jan. 16, 1917 and later Aug. 26, 1939 But we didn´ t had a division by that number. Neither in 14/18, nor in 39/45
  12. Hello! According to the last photo. The left one is the bulgarian war medal 1914-1918 with swords. The right one is unknown to me. Is the middle stripe blue or black? As far as I know, the slovakian medal of bravery (1940) had a blue middle stripe
  13. Hello! Yes, That´s the car. I´ve seen it several times, but I don´t know if it´s a private purchase or an official one.
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