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  1. Hi! Interesting article! What is the latest number? #6? Unfortunately I couldn´t find an index of the so-far published magazines... On the internet site you can´t order single issues, or have I missed something? I´ m very interested in the mag with your Leiber-Ring article!
  2. That´s why I don´t use the word "Kappenabzeichen (cap badge)". I prefer "Verbandsabzeichen (formation badge)"
  3. Opps, I´m sorry. You´re right!!!! But it was very late...(1933-1935)
  4. Hello Peter! Not curious. It´s a marksmanship badge for artillery: http://www.austro-hungarian-army.co.uk/badges/qualbadges.htm
  5. Hello! Interesting news! Unfortunately I can´t get a better scan of the eagle
  6. Yes, I think, the boots are interesting. They seem to be a private purchase. Pretty good quality!
  7. Hi Ian! Yes, that was my first thought too. But a friend of mine say, he´d see a double-headed eagle
  8. Hello! Some examples... Post-war with unknown MG-Ss badge. 4th bavarian Reichswehr Inf.Rgt.46 : Probably Inf.Rgt. I Insterburg: MG-Ss-Abt.2: MG-Ss-Abt.2: MG-Ss-Abt.11: unknown: MG-Ss-Trupp 197: Probably no Scharfschütze, but interesting...: unknown: unknown: saxon Waffenmeister-Gehilfe (Armourer Assistant), note the crossed rifles: Freikorps Pfeffer: A zoom of photo 1. I can read "Sch"
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