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  1. The casualty lists mentions him in bavarian 3rd Inf.Rgt. But I couldn´t find him in the regimental history. I also couldn´t find him in the Red Cross lists of POWs...
  2. Hello! Does anyone have an officers list of the High command of Heeresgruppe Mackensen in 1917 including turkish officers? I need to know who signed this paper (it´s for a visit of the imperial castle in Bucharest) He was the Imperial Turkish authorized general staff officer in the high command of the army group Mackensen. Major Tewfik (Binbaşı Tevfik): chief of staff 26th turkish Division Oberleutnant Schuekri (Üsteğmen Şükrü) Oberleutnant Sirri (Üsteğmen Sırrı) Leutnant Sureya (Teğmen Süreyya): Btl.Kdr. II./türk. 73.Inf.Rgt Unteroffizier Chewfki (Astsubay Şevki)
  3. Hello! Yes, it´s a MG08/15. It´s probably an inofficial badge. I´ve seen it a few times before. A rare photo! Congrats!
  4. With a little bit of phantasy Großpapa is really possible... It´s a shame, that the "young" germans like me (52) didn´t learn the old scripts in school...
  5. Hello! Where are the p´s in papa? I can read Gruß?????, Are the more infos upon the reverse?
  6. Hello! Heres is Korps Kühne, an overview of my collection and an article I wrote for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Heereskunde Verbandsabzeichen.pdf
  7. Hello! To me it´s really a Festungsbau-Offizier: http://www.kammerbulle.de/html/namenszuge.html (scroll down to "Festungsbau-Offizier) The ribbon probably is red or green with dark stripes (maybe yellow stripes - they appear dark!) Maybe Friedrich-Kreuz für Kämpfer from Anhalt https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/friedrich-kreuz-anhalt-1914.html or Militär-Verdienst-Medaille Lippe-Detmold https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/militar-verdienstmedaille-mit-schwertern-1914-2-pragung.html Maybe he served in a bavarian un
  8. Hi Laurentius! Thanks a lot for the photos. The sabre seems to be an artillery -sabre. Black capband is ok for artillery. The belt was worn by mounted troops. That fits to artillery. Also the black pipings. BUT we have the problem with the field-artillery shoulder boards and the foot-artillery cuffs... The red collar-patches don´t make sense to me. Unfortunately I can´t say more. An uniform like this did not exist. Here you see the artillery fieldgrey uniforms:
  9. Hi Laurentius! Now we have a problem... I also see a 5 with a grenade. Feldartillerie. BUT: FAR5 was a silesian unit. Fifth Army Corps. In peace time they had yellow shoulder-straps, so on this 07/10 tunic should be seen: grey shoulder-straps with yellow pipings. Or should it be officer boards? But then too, the pipings might be yellow. And Feldartillerie hat swedish cuffs. Swedish cuffs: Two buttons horinzotal Brandenburg cuffs: Three buttons vertical. What about the red patch at the collar? Upon a 07/10 tunic those red patches didn´t exist. They w
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