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  1. Hello! The 2nd photo is a little bit small. I can´t read anything with "Reserve". Probably it was the active regiment. Res.Rgt.56 was set-up August 2, 1914. It was under command of 13th Reserve-Division from 2.8.14-20.3.15 and from 25.3.15-December 1918 under 121st. Inf.Div. The 13.Res.Div. fought 1914 and 1915 in Maubeuge and at the Aisne The 121.Inf.Div. was 1915 between Maas and Mosel (Lorraine), 1916 at Verdun and at the Somme. July 8, 1916 they moved to the Eastern Front near Styr-Stochod, Kowel and Narotch-Lake, but they came back in june 1917, where they fought in the "Siegfried-Line". From 15.8.-23.9. they fought the "Battle of Flandres". Around the date he fell, the division was placed south of the railway running from Ypres to Roulers at August 19
  2. Great photo, ArHo! Never seen before! I only know, the RBZ3 was under command of the 18th army
  3. But today I heared, württemberg soldiers who were trained to become NCOs, visited the NCO school in Bibrich (yellow shoulder straps), that doesn´t fit... the suspense continues...
  4. That´s strange. The casualty list says: Res.Inf.Rgt.4. But that didn´t exist. GreyC corrected it in REIR4 (Reserve-Ersatz-Infanterie-Regiment 4). But this one came from X.Army Corps (Hannover). But I don´t believe in the Lt.d.Ldw. Probably it´s another one. Nothing makes a sense to me... Maybe Unteroffizierschule Weissenfels? Brandenburg cuffs, no pipings, blue, blank shoulder straps. But that´s just a guess...
  5. Hello! You mean "Gmünd". It was called Schwäbisch-Gmünd since 1934. Van Daalen worked in Gmünd from July 1, 1897 until 1920. That doesn´t help... But that means, he was no Krankenwärter in the Garde-Corps.
  6. Here is the new uniform (Friedensuniform) of a Krankanwärter of the guard-corps (note: no Litzen and no strap at the cap!):
  7. Hello! That´s right. But what about NCO schools? They had blank shoulder straps with brandneburg cuffs. But I´m not sure, if they had their own medical staff. We have to know, where the photo was taken, please. Krankenwärter also had blank shoulder straps with brandenburg cuffs: (Guard NO Litzen!) But they had a strap at the cap.
  8. Hello! In that book, only a Heinrich Richard Clemens Kirchner is mentioned. Emplyee of the "Bagdad-Bahn" (Bagdad rail). War volunteer. He served 1901-04 in saxon Ul.Rgt.17. He joined the expedition Feb.1, 1915. Died in France Nov. 29, 1918.
  9. AH, ok! Yes of course. I didn´t know the britsh abrreviation... In german it is "Dienstauszeichnungskreuz". (DAK) That could fit too! Thanks a lot! So again: 1) EKII 2) RAO4x 3) DAK 4) prussian 70/71 medal 5) prussian 1866 medal 6) maybe prussian 1864 medal (see below) 7) MMV2 8 ) maybe Mecklenburg 1848/49 medal (see below) Could we use this for a research? I bet we could find him in 80, 81 or 82. In ranklist 1879 I found: Major Meyer (Inf.Rgt.75) : EKII, DAK, MMV2 Major v. Lehsten (Inf.Rgt.31) : EKII, DAK, MMV2 Mayve they received RAO4x later?
  10. Hi all! That´s not so easy... IF we have yellow pipings and a Mecklenburg cross and the pic was taken in Schwerin, we should have IXth Army corps without a Mecklenburg regiment. In 1883 we had the following structure: IX.Army Corps 17.Inf.Div. with: Inf.Rgt.75, Inf.Rgt.76, Ldw.Rgt.75, Ldw.Rgt.76, Gren.Rgt.89, Füs.Rgt.90, Ldw.Rgt.89, Ldw.Rgt.90 18.Inf.Div. with: Inf.Rgt.84, Füs.Rgt.86, Ldw.Rgt.84, Inf.Rgt.31, Inf.Rgt.85, Ldw.Rgt.85, Res.Ldw.Rgt.86 No matches in the ranklists 1879 and 1883. Unfortunately I don´t have the ranklists 1880-1882 Back to the medals. Laurentius: What do you mean with LS-decoration? I see 8 decorations. 1) EKII 2) RAO4x 3) maybe KO (see below) 4) prussian 70/71 medal 5) prussian 1866 medal 6) maybe prussian 1864 medal (see below) 7) MMV2 8 ) maybe Mecklenburg 1848/49 medal (see below) In order to the regulations, N°3 might be a Kronen-Orden, N°6 the prussian 1864 medal and N°8 the Mecklenburg 1848/49 medal, but that´s just a guess... N°3 could also be a Militär-Ehrenzeichen 1.KL.: https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/militar-ehrenzeichen-1-klasse-1864.html or Militär-Verdienstkreuz: https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/militar-verdienstkreuz-1864.html Both crosses were awarded to NCOs. Does that fit to our man??? If not, it must be a KO! Note, that the medals 48/49, 64, 66, 70/71 are not mentioned in the ranklists! So, IF I´m right, we have to look for a staff officer with EKII, RAO4x, KO and MMV2 Here are the regulations:
  11. Hello! It´s not a Schwerin regiment. They had different helmets. What about the cuffs pipings? Until 1890 we only had 15 army corps. Some of them had no pipings, some white, some yellow, some blue pipings. What do you think? It´s not white... So we have the following corps: II, IV, VI, VIII (none) IX, XI (yellow) X, XV (blue) Unfortunately a lot of staff officers in that time had EKII and RAO4...
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