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  1. Hello! The first one is a prussian uniform (crown-buttons). The other one is an official, you´re right. The combination is strange. Is there anything on the reverses?
  2. Hello! Can you recognize the buttons? Lion or crown? Are you sure he is bavarian? The bavrian bravery medal could be received by bavarians. So he would have worn that medal above the Iron Cross. If it is the bavarian bravery medal, shouldn´t he have another bavarian medal? I assume it´s a medal from another german state, which was worn with the Iron Cross. Maybe the military merit medal from Lippe-Detmold? Here we´ve got an Unteroffizier of Foot-artillery-bataillon 124 Please have a look:
  3. Hello Andreas! That´s interesting! Thanks a lot! But I stil wonder, what did a man of a railroad-support-bataillon do, to receive such a medal?
  4. Hallo! Interessantes Abzeichen! Es dürfte sich um ein Abzeichen für einen Kühler handeln. Es zeigt das Denkmal der Kraftfahrtruppen. Es wurde 1931 in Potsdam eingeweiht und 1945 zerstört. http://www.denkfried.de/wp/?page_id=16492
  5. Hello! His units were: 12.10.04-18.9.06: Fusilier-Regiment 38, 10th comp. 14.8.-18.9.08: Manoeuvre in Inf.Rgt.154, 5th. comp. 11.-24.5.11: Manoeuvre in Inf.Rgt.154, 4th comp. 14.8.14-10.7.17: Eisenbahn-Hilfs-Bataillon 1, 4th comp. (Railroad-support-bataillon) 11.7.17: Ersatz-Bataillon, Eisenbahn-Rgt.4 13.7.17: I.Ersatz-Bataillon, Eisenbahn-Rgt. 4, 3rd comp. 27.10.17: II.Ersatz-Bataillon, Eisenbahn-Rgt.4, 3rd comp. 10.12.17: Eisenbahn-Betriebs-Kompagnie 83 26.12.17: in Eisenbahn-Betriebs-Kompagnie 83 eingetroffen (arrived) He received Iron Cross 2nd class April 20, 1917 and the turkish Iftikar medal February 23, 1917. The Iftihar Medal was originally written: İftihar Nişanı (Order of Glory). But I think, that is wrong, because as far as I know that medal was only awarded to higher turkish officers. I can´t believe, a simple soldier from a Railroiad-Support-Bataillon did receive such an ordre! In WW1 the following awards were available for military persons: Order of the Mejedie (Order of Osmanieh) Imtiaz Medal Liakat Medal Iron Crescent Could you please show the left side of page 12 (under the stamp)
  6. Hello! 1) Dr. Nikolaus Anton Foohs, priest of 3rd bavarian Inf.Div. Wounded badge for two wounds, EK I and EK II, MVO4 with crown and swords, Prinz-Luitpold-Medal 2) Rupert Mayer, priest of 8th bav. Res.Div. ("man in the mirror") EK I (first german priest with EK I) and II, MVO4, Würtemberg order of merit, austrian Franz-Joseph medal
  7. Hello! here are some german links: http://www.reservistenkrugsammler.de/ http://www.reservistenkrug.de/allgemeines.html
  8. Hello! Here I have a funny, but also a sad photo. Note the bandage around his head. Let´s hope, it was harmless.
  9. I vote for "Erdmenger"? The "ni" will be an "m" There were a lot in Germany! https://www.kartezumnamen.eu/index.php?sur=Erdmenger&s=Suchen and 54 in the casualty lists: http://des.genealogy.net/eingabe-verlustlisten/search/index
  10. Hmm, there is no name Erdnienger in Germany: https://www.kartezumnamen.eu/index.php?sur=Erdnienger&s=Suchen What about Riedinger?
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