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  1. Hello! Here the photo of Hauptmann Deines. Leader III./Res.Inf.Rgt.82 (listed in IR95) The card is written with "Meldegänger Mai 1907 in Walincourt" (It must be 1917!) Meldegänger = Runner Note the stars upon the upper arms!
  2. Here is the photo. No date mentioned. But there are two dates k.i.a. September 1918. Unbehaun received his cross January 26, 1918. So the photo must have been taken between end of January and September 1918
  3. Hi Graham! Thanks a lot! The second one is brilliant! The photo is taken from the regimental history. The officer is Lt.d.Res. Wilhelm Unbehaun. Company leader 9./95 Photos of that cross are pretty rare. I will receive one this week. I´ve never seen photos from "front soldiers". Only from Carl-Eduard.
  4. Hello! I can add an unknown officer of Reiter-Regiment 11 (post-war-era). Then I have Lt. Jakob Schön from bavarian 22.Inf.Rgt. with badge of bavarain 11th Army and Hohenzollern ribbon. and Major Kurt v. Plüskow, bataillon-commander of Jg.Btl.8
  5. Hello! We see here Generalstabsarzt of the Army Prof. Dr. v. Schjerning with the rank of Lieutenant General. Chief of the Medical Corps, Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Academy for Military Medical Education and Chairman of the Scientific Senate at this Academy, full member of the Scientific Deputation for Medicine, full honorary professor at the University of Berlin. During the war Chief of the Field Medical Service in the G.H.Q., at the end of the war Surgeon General with the rank of General of the Infantry (ret.), died 28.6.21. Very nice postmark as well. The other persons are: Colonel Friedrich zu Solms-Baruth was an officer à la suite of the army in the uniform of the 1st Guards Drag.Rgt. He was Imperial Commissioner and military inspector of voluntary nursing for the army in the field. Lieutenant General (ret.), d. 31.12.20 Oberstabsarzt Dr. Bludau was regimental physician in Kür.Rgt.Nr.7. He was re-employed after the death of his predecessor Oberstabsarzt Dr. Perthey (8.9.15) on 22.9.15., later Generaloberarzt a.D. There was another doctor Bludau, later Oberarzt a.D. in Inf.Rgt.55. Generaloberarzt Dr. Hamann also belonged to the Medical Department of the War Ministry and was with the Chief of Field Medical Services during the war. Later Generalarzt a.D. (the card is not for sale)
  6. Yes, that´s very interesting! Thanks a lot! Those garrisons are all in my area. But the regimental history of FAR7 don´t mentioned that event
  7. Hello! Yes, and that makes me wonder... Sturmbataillon 4 was not a bavarian unit. The Ersatz for the one (!) MG-company came from 4th Ersatz-MG-company of the guard-corps! Here I´ve got a postcard with a stamp from that Sturmbataillon. The fieldpost number is 249. That was located in Audenaarde too. So I think you were right, that we see a bavarian MGK in training with the SB4.
  8. Hello! That´s strange... As you wrote, the Sturmbataillon 4 only had one MGK (their Ersatz came from 4.Ers.MGK of Garde-Korps) So what was the 2.MGK Regensburg? Does Regensburg mean the town or is it the name of their leader?
  9. Hi Glenn! I solved it in that thread.... I think I´ll get old... Of course you´re right! It´s Bavarian Landespolizei!!!!!! How could I forget my own explanation?
  10. Hi Valter! Yes, it´s a Freikorps badge. In this pattern with oakleaves it´s hard to say, which one it is. The were different Freikorps with that badge.
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