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  1. Hello! 1) Dr. Nikolaus Anton Foohs, priest of 3rd bavarian Inf.Div. Wounded badge for two wounds, EK I and EK II, MVO4 with crown and swords, Prinz-Luitpold-Medal 2) Rupert Mayer, priest of 8th bav. Res.Div. ("man in the mirror") EK I (first german priest with EK I) and II, MVO4, Würtemberg order of merit, austrian Franz-Joseph medal
  2. Hello! here are some german links: http://www.reservistenkrugsammler.de/ http://www.reservistenkrug.de/allgemeines.html
  3. Hello! Here I have a funny, but also a sad photo. Note the bandage around his head. Let´s hope, it was harmless.
  4. I vote for "Erdmenger"? The "ni" will be an "m" There were a lot in Germany! https://www.kartezumnamen.eu/index.php?sur=Erdmenger&s=Suchen and 54 in the casualty lists: http://des.genealogy.net/eingabe-verlustlisten/search/index
  5. Hmm, there is no name Erdnienger in Germany: https://www.kartezumnamen.eu/index.php?sur=Erdnienger&s=Suchen What about Riedinger?
  6. Hello! You´re right. BA X is Tenth army corps (Hannover). The green cockade is wrong, that´s a saxon one. Are you sure with the name? I´ve never heard a german name like that
  7. Hello Sandro! He recieved it April 5, 1917: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_von_Kneußl#Auszeichnungen
  8. Hello! Kärnten 1918 1919? Some german units were in Kärntnen in the Freikorps era. But did theystil wear spiked helmet?
  9. Hello! A nice tunic! Thanks for showing! Until july 1915 the Train-formatzions had the number of the Train-Bataillon upon the shoulder straps (Garde and 1-21 and 3 bavarians). Since July 21, 1915 they had to wear the numbers of the division. Since April 21, 1917 the unites recieved their own numbers. So here we have a Train column of the 89th Inf.Div. (until summer 1915), or if the tunic is from after april 1917 a Train column N°89. A Train-column with that number could be a supply column, supply park, depot supply column, remount depot, field bakery column, field butchery column or equal unizs of the lines of communication
  10. Hello! The rank Generaloberst was introduced in 1854. From 1854-1911 he had three pips. A Generaloberst mit dem Rang als Generalfeldmarschall had three pips and crossed fieldmarshall´s batons. Since 1911 a Generaloberst mit dem Rang eines Generaleldmarschalls had four pips. They served in the inner circle of the kings or of the Kaiser. Mostly they were noble, because there was a prussian tradition, that noble officers couldn´t became a Feldmarshall! But this tradition ended in 1871... As far as I know, they didn´t wear a fieldmarshall´s baton. Even Kaiser Wilhelm I wore these shoulder boards (3 pips and crossed batons)!
  11. Hello Demir! Thanks a lot. That's why I asked, because you told me that according to my star...
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