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  1. Hi Chris! Try Mr. Johann Schüßelburner from bavarian 12th Inf.Rgt. (never heard such a name before...) http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/4272885
  2. Hi! Blue shoulder straps with yellow numbers are correct, but I miss the red piping:
  3. Hello! Prussian rankings have existed since at least 1713, and from 1785 onwards they were published annually until 1806. After that - as a result of the lost war of 1806 - there were initially no more rankings, but at least in 1808 and 1812 they were compiled in manuscript and more recently published as facsimile prints by the Military History Research Office. Furthermore, a ranking list for 1806 was published in two editions in 1828, supplemented by "News about the subsequent relationship of the officers and military officials listed therein" and a list of names in 1835. Regular annua
  4. Note the fallen Oberst List! He was killed Oct. 31, 1914 near Gheluvelt Commander of bav. RIR16! The photo must have been taken before November 1914. 29.10.14: Battle of the Yser 30.10.-24.11.14: Battle of Ypres Schnitzlein: Rgt. Adjutant 10.9.-31.10.14 (wounded) Bassenheim: Leader 10th co. 10.9.-29.10.14 List: Rgt. Commander 10.9.-31.10.14 (+) Hagen: Leader 12th co. 10.9.-30.10.14 (wounded, + 24.11.14) Peukert: Leader 11th co 10.9.-29.10.14 (+) Bühner: Dr. after Dr. Fischbach Beuschel: Leader 9th co. 10.9.-29.10.14 (+) Herteri
  5. No, unfortunately not. In those lists he is listed in his peacetime regiment. The regimental history IR141 could help, but I don´t have it.
  6. Not only as a gift. So he earned a better pension... The ribbon bar shows: EKII, RAO4, DA, Centenary medal, ÖFJ4, DD3 Am I right?
  7. Hello! I don´think so. Promotions: Leutnant 11.2.86 Oberleutnant 14.9.93 Hauptmann 27.1.00 Major 27.1.10 Oberstleutnant 27.1.15 He is not listed in the seniority list from january 1918. So he left the army before that date. Because the ranklist of honour did list him as "a.D." (off duty), I don´t think, he served in 1919
  8. Hello! Now it´s clear. I didn´t now the other kind of the abbreviation. So he had VR1KD and EKII. Probably beside those both he had commemorative medal 70/71 and saxon commemorative cross 1866. https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/erinnerungskreuz-1866.html The ranklists don´t mention other medals for him. On Christophes photo he wears the old saxon "Reiter" Uniform. So he wears the uniform of 2nd Reiter-Regiment, which became Hus.Rgt.19 in December 17, 1875. Note the name changed in Dec. 1875, but the uniform changed in april 1876!
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