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US NAVY pre WW1 and WW1 medal group

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Although a Greek medals and decorations collector, I recently acquired a group of US Navy medals attributed to the same person (obviously an American of Greek origin!).

The medals are: Good conduct medal (with Nebraska, Nevada and Navy Yard N.Y. clasps), Mexican service medal, WW1 victory medal with Grand Fleet clasp and State of New York WW1 medal.

All medals are numbered and named.

I would be happy to have your comments on this group i.e  manufacturers, varieties and an estimation on their market value.

How would be possible to get more information for the person decorated by the US Navy records?



group 1.jpg

More photos...

group 2.jpg

group 3.jpg

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Hello Nikos:

Welcome to GMIC!

Keep in mind this isn't my area of collecting, but I can recognize a great group when I see it.  From the pre-WWI/WWI era and all engraved to the same person.  A wonderful set.

Individually these medals are not worth that much, but belonging to the same person they become an unique group and would likely attract some interest (if you were looking to sell them).

IMHO -you should put a ribbon on the New York Medal.  It wouldn't be that hard to find one.  I've included a link to see what the ribbon pattern should look like.  Don't worry, adding a replacement ribbon to the medal will not affect the value and will actually improve it.  


You can check with the US Navy Archives to see their policy on releasing information on this gentleman.  They may have records on him, but they may require that it will be only released to family members.

Ancestors.com may also be an option if you have an account. 

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Many thanks Claudius for your response!

As proposed, I'll try to get a ribbon for the New York medal and keep enjoying this unique group!

I add two photos of the inscriptions on the back of the clasps...

group 4.jpg

group 5.jpg

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