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Iron Cross Magazine

Iron Cross is the UK's only magazine focusing entirely on German military history from 1914 to 1945. It launched in June 2019 and is available worldwide in both print and digital formats. GMIC is launching a trial area to promote discussion of the topics contained within the magazine.
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Dark or Light Themes

For those of you that prefer the old style more traditional forum look you can now select GMIC light from the themes at the footer of each page. This enables an updated versions of the old style theme.

COVID19 & GMIC Changes

This announcement is no longer active


The world is a rapidly changing place, and we are all sadly being affected by the impact this terrible disease is making on our communities around the world. My thoughts go out to all our members, wherever you are and whatever your role is in this fight, as we all have our part to play. I hope you all stay safe and those of you that are in isolation please follow the guidance that your respective countries have given, reduce the spread, and help your medical services and others stay safe and alive. 

To help with those of you that are in isolation I have been doing some behind the scenes improvements. In the last 24 hours I have transferred GMIC onto a larger faster server and I am doing a series of software changes to bring you some new interesting areas to the forum. I will be doing a comprehensive restructuring over the coming days and I do want you the membership to give me your opinion on what works and what doesn't work at GMIC and any changes you would like to see happen.

I have not done this before so this is new ground (please be kind and constructive). I will start a new forum area for you, to keep you updated and for you to post your suggestions. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Stay Safe


Admin GMIC


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