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    Community Answers

    1. Thanks for the heads up on this, its useful to know that 🤙
    2. Is the one on the left an experimental Met armorial crest ? Photos are from 1969 there are others about in online photo libraries.
    3. Thanks for explaining that I will reference that in a guidance topic very useful for members. However in this case it was not done out of ignorance.
    4. Would you believe that as a response to this topic Triadoro has decided to report GMIC four times to his email provider over the last couple of days for sending him spam emails. All the emails in question being the notifications he signed up to and can switch off. Enough is enough I have had enough of your spiteful games, your account and all your alter egos, have been banned.
    5. I do know the vast majority of members are supportive of GMIC and many have shown great support financially to ensure that we have a future. The volunteers who help me run this forum are also real stars and their work behind the scenes is very much appreciated by me. I was beating myself up over what happened to Rick Researches account and have tried several fixes which just haven't worked. The reality is the content is still there and if you search for specific articles it will come up. You just can't search using the name.
    6. So this is still in the too difficult box. As for comments criticising actions taken, the reason why I take security seriously is evident by the spam attack I have had to battle in the last 24 hours. Easy for certain members to point fingers, when they do not have to manage the forum and all it entails.
    7. Yes I am seeing if I can rebuild the member account and attribute the content to him again it may be too time consuming and not workable so watch this space.
    8. Nothing that can be done about it I am afraid, the content is still there but the account has been corrupted.
    9. Interesting that helmets were used as opposed to cocked hats as worn in the Metropolitan Police.
    10. A few of you may have noticed a few changes that are affecting older dormant membership accounts. I am facing a few issues that dormant membership accounts are creating. First off too many dormant accounts are causing email bounce. This has caused major challenges with black listing and incorrectly marking the GMIC server as a potential spam address. Secondly UK GDRP causes issues around keeping personal identifiable data for indefinite periods. Members who clearly are not returning to the forum need to have all their identifiable data purged. Finally dormant accounts can cause potential security breaches from hijacked accounts which can also create a problem. I have identified members who have not actively logged into the forum for over 7 years. Their accounts have been changed to marked for deletion. This does not mean to say any content will be deleted, but their personal data will be soon deleted. However I am facing a technical issue with this as recently demonstrated by the late Rick Researches account. The software is designed to purge identifiable membership data and lock accounts whilst retaining content and mark content as attributed to an individual. Unfortunately this changed Ricks account to Guest Rick Research and I am not very happy about this. Until I have a work around I am not deleting old identifiable data as the software is not doing what I wanted it to do.
    11. Yes I did I will PM you the details
    12. Thanks Rob Very much appreciated . Nick
    13. Johan I am glad you mentioned it. I just don't want members to incur unnecessary custom charges when they are donating money to support the club. Its not commercial goods or merchandise its a token of membership and a thank you for donating. kind regards Nick
    14. Thanks for the support. In reaction to the customs charges being levied to European members as the UK is now a Third Country, I have changed my approach to this item. This was never meant to be commercial merchandise, it only has a low nominal financial value. It was always about being what it represents and a thank you thank you to members who have supported the forum not only financially to help keep it running but also by being contributors and supporters of what this forum is about. I am proud of what this forum is and and aIso know many of you want to show your support in the real world, by wearing the pin whether it be every day or just when attending the ever seemingly declining military fairs or shows or just to collect it, as after all we are collectors. So it is now a gift for being a donator to the forum, which was the whole point of it being made available.
    15. Ahh the joys of Brexit I am afraid It seems Zoll and the Deutsche Post is being relentless in picking up custom charges, no matter how small. Glad you are pleased with it anyway. Thanks for the support.
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