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Slowly Getting There....




Hello again,

Well, my enthusiasm totally overrides my ability to get these badges organised. It's such a big job and I get a little lost just trying to sort through them. Although I have been quiet here, I have been noting a lot of posts and have identified a few of my pieces just from others' photos......so thankyou!

I'm also reading "Tobruk" by Peter Fitzsimons. It's heavy reading....very interesting, but I read in bed at night, generally crime novels that you don't have to pay too much attention to, but THIS book!! I find that I have to reread the previous page every time I pick it up. I just don't want to miss anything and I'm taking notes as I go so I can try and match up some photos to the events. So, while I can knock over a cheap thriller in a few nights, this one is taking a lot of time. I've learned a lot though.

I will tell you a funny story, a little embarassing, but it will give you an idea of exactly how much of a beginner I am at this military stuff (some might even say I'm a real girl!)... So, I'm going through the badges one night, putting aside ones that have words on them so I can google.. I come across one that is just one word, curved like a badge that goes on a sleeve (I have Harry's Australian one so I'm thinking I know what I'm doing here). Anyway, this one says "LESTINIAN"..... I'm thinking French...it sounds French right? So I Google....nothing. I go to Google translate....nothing. Now I'm getting frustrated. It seems it should be the easiest one of all to find, but no, nothing! So I give up on that one, I'll deal with that later, maybe post it on GMIC....

Then, I'm browsing a few days later, and I see a post, with a picture, and it hits me..... I look at the badge again, taking a close look at the end, right before the "L"...two little nubs.....

Yep, that's right, I'm sure you guessed it..... It's "PALESTINIAN"..... the "PA" has just broken off !!!

So, be warned (again)... I'm new to this !!

Here are a couple more of Harry's photos, just a few random ones from the album.

Kind regards to you all




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Tracy - pleased to see you are still ' hanging in there' . Don't forget we are
always here to help you. Post under British Badges.

These are some interesting little photos. I think HMAS Perth was a light cruiser -
we must hope some one can look it up. The burning shape looks like part
of an aircraft - and the Oerlikon quick firing guns might have been responsible ?
The other two pictures will be of interest to our German members.

Under Brit. Badges - your original post - I have added a miniature Fairburn Sykes
fighting knife. First one I have seen.

Best wishes. Mervyn

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Thanks Mervyn.

I saw your knife pics.....very impressive! It's been great actually getting some IDs and ideas of how to categorise the pieces. The photo album is a treasure itself. Some of the pictures are really quite confronting, but it's true life at war I guess.

I hope we can get some replies regarding these photos....

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