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A Couple of Badges




I've been trying to sort and photograph my badges and it's a big job. Actually, it's more the fact that I keep getting sidetracked that makes it so time-consuming. A quick browse through the forums here - well there's an hour gone. Or, I'll grab Harry's photo album, maybe just to move it or put it back on the shelf, and I flick through again - another hour.....

So, here's a couple of random pieces to show you in the meantime. These, I am quite obviously going to be unable to group with any others and I just love the design of the flower one, so it always stands out for me when I go through the stash.

I'm also trying to come up with some kind of database to keep the photos and details/identifications, but time is the problem as always.

Thankyou again for the very warm welcome to the group. Just going through the forum posts, I have already been able to identify some of my pieces, and also am getting a bit of an idea of where some of the others may be from to at least get them grouped.



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Tracy - you're doing well. Just the descriptions of getting sidetracked will be familiar to every member - we all do that. No-one is quite sure at present how many members are actually reading the Blogs - I think it is a fair number - so, don't be put off if there aren't a lot of immediate answers. We are all delighted to have you - and keep up the humerous bits - great reading.

Now, you will understand that badges such as these would normally go under British badges.
I can identify the lower one as a cap badge and the top one is probably a collar badge - two would be worn - one on either lapel. The flower is the double rose - the original Tudor badge.
I will check on which regt. - however, it is likely another member will answer before I get back to you.

The lower item is a combined knuckle-duster and commando style knife. The solid piece is in the palm and the fingers around the spikes. Should you strike someone in the face they would do terrible damage. The blade of the knife is curved and is intended to go under the rib cage - directly into the chest. The Middle East countries use this style.

The shape and style makes me think of early WW2 Royal Marine Commando's. Could your family member have been a commando ? IIf it can be proved to be a genuine issue and not home made - then it is quite valuable.

Keep posting - we will look forward to 'reading you' on a regular basis. Mervyn

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Tracy - it has been pointed out to me that the dagger may be a miniature. There was no scale and it does look like a stud on the side. Perhaps you could say how long it is ?

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Thankyou for the ID. I do understand they should be posted in the forums, but I have no idea with some of them where they actually are from, so as such have no idea which forum to post them in! I'm getting better though, sorting through and trying to categorise them into countries of origin, or at least having a guess. These were two that had no markings or text on them, so I was at a loss where to post.
The dagger is a badge also, with two loops and a split pin on the back. It is almost 5cm long. It did look like a depiction of some sort of nasty weapon and I do believe Harry spent time in the Middle East. I'll have to go back through the regiment book to see exactly where. Harry himself was in the Machine Gun battalion.

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Tracy - the closest I have been able to come to an identity for the unit is : The Alexandra, Princess of Wale's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry (Hussars). 1908 to 1956. The use of the double rose - the Tudor one - is quite common - however, they appear to have used it on it's own. We
must await further identifications. Don't worry about posting any of the badges on this blog section - we are making an exception. With regard to the daggers - actually fighting knives - I
think these have been made as lapel pins for identification of members of the unit. I don't think they will be official issue.
Best wishes. Mervyn

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Thankyou so much, Mervyn. Hopefully my improvement in this topic will show as my posts progress :)

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