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    Iron Cross Help !



    Hi Gents,

    I have been searching for some time to locate a clean WW2 Iron Cross Class 1, hopefully in original case and marked. Pin or screwback is fine.
    The problem appears to be that there are 1000's scattered over the Internet and as I wish to avoid buying a lemon, was hoping that a member maybe able to assist in some way ?

    I am not stuck on a specific LOD, but any help on where I should be looking and realistically expected to pay would be really appreciated.

    My grandfather was in the German forces serving with the 'Afrika Korps' and sadly perished during the conflict in the early 1940's. My little boy is now fascinated with the history of WW2 and I am hoping to locate the right medal that can stay in the family for future generations.

    In anticipation of any assistance


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    I have sent you a PM with regards reposting this in the appropriate forum.

    Are you looking at starting to collect Iron crosses or are you looking at replacing awards which your grandfather was entitled to ?

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    Hi Nick,

    I have replied to your PM and appreciate your kind assistance !

    The topic has now been listed in the Iron Cross Forum...

    Looking to replace, but have no way of knowing which LOD his award came from. I suspect my boy may continue to increase the search further with his interest in the matter.



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