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    9 September 2011

    Greg Collins


    Well, I did it again... got up at 0330, went through my normal routine (the stars of which are coffee and cigarettes- a fifth food group in my home), got to work by 0520, only to find out I asked for and was given the weekend off some months ago. Senility has set-in FIRMLY, I'm afraid. Anyway, turned on my heel and went back home (short drive, at least). Embarrassing, but happy to be off.

    Used some of the time to continue the re-working of my PMR gallery, which I hope to have completed by tomorrow, and to begin my Mongolian gallery (5 images, so far- have a look). It seems all my galleries with the exception of the Czechoslovakian and the CPRF galleries are works in progress. But, hey, I'm not going anywhere (at least I'm not planning to) so we keep photographing and posting. So far I've posted, maybe, 4-5% of what's lying around.

    Oh yeah, it's become a jungle here with all the rain of late. Gotta hop on the mower at some point tomorrow and cut the acre we live on; used to do it with a push mower, but my wife wanted to keep me around a few more years ;-).


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    Hi, Greg! Love your style!

    Keep it up!

    "I began work with the State (Virginia) and am currently a Sergeant in a maximum security prison for... women "

    Cool! This sounds exactly like my job... University... Only mine is much more dangerous - I don`t have a gun :)

    Your devoted reader from Moscow

    P.S. If you`ll need anything with translation from russian (or anything else) just let me know.

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    I don't carry any weapons on the inside :-(... THAT really would be dangerous! Ienvy your living in Moscow- it's on my "bucket list". I want to stand at the base of, and marvel at, the Mukhina statue (The Worker and the Kolkoz Woman). It is, by far, my absolute favorite!!!

    Thanks for you kind words and offer.


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