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    IAR 471

    Morar Andrei


    The IAR 471 was a 1943 prototype of ground attack aircraft and dive bomber aircraft built by Industria Aeronautică Română.

    The IAR-81 had not proved a great success as an improvised dive bomber and experience with the IAR-47 showed that the IAR 14K would not be up to the demands of powering a full-sized dive bomber. Thus by early 1943 the Romanians still lacked an effective ground support aircraft . In November 1942 IAR had at last secured a license for the manufacture of the German DB 605 engine and planning now centred on this powerplant. On January 16, 1943, a new dive bomber project, the IAR-471, was commissioned which was to be powered by the DB 605. Although the Germans lent Romania numerous Stukas from mid-1943, they would not sell any. Therefore, the design of the IAR-471 was persevered with for reasons of self-sufficiency.

    Despite its designation, the IAR-471 bore little resemblance to the smaller IAR 47 and was essentially a different aircraft. It was designed with a superior performance to the Stuka, much helped by the retractable undercarriage, but a lighter bomb load, and on May 7, 1944, the Stuka's two underwing 37mm cannons were ordered to be included in its specification. It was planned to order 100 IAR-471s and 136 engines from IAR in 1944/1945, but IAR was in the throes of dispersing its factories and beginning production of the Bf 109G and declared itself incapable of simultaneously producing the IAR-471. This halted the project even before Romania's defection to the Allies in August. No prototype flew. There were (at least) one IAR 471 prototypes built, its fate being unknown. No picture of the plane has survived.



    • Crew: 2

    • Length: 11 m ( ft in)

    • Wingspan: 14 m (45 ft 10 in)

    • Height: 3.2 m ( ft in)

    • Wing area: 29 m2 (312 ft2)

    • Gross weight: 4300 without bomb load kg (9,479l lb)

    • Powerplant: 1 × IAR DB 605, 1,100kW kW (1,475 hp)


    • Maximum speed: 490 km/h (304 mph)

    • Service ceiling: 8000 m (26,245 ft)


    • 1 x 20mm MG151 cannon firing through the airscrew spinner

    • 2 x 7.92mm Rheinmetall wing mounted

    • 2 x 37mm BK 37 Rheinmetall under wing

    • 2 x 7.92mm Rheinmetall MG for rear gunner

    • 500kg (1,100lb) bomb under fuselage

    2 x 100kg (220lb)


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