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Mervyn Mitton



There has been some problems with the software - I have deleted photos that wouldn't show and will post them all in this section.

Re-reading the last section I may have given the impression that we all walked around like shaking jellyfish - this would not be correct. The whole business of the War - from my point of view as a small boy growing-up, was quite surreal. I had no memories of times before these - so, strange as it may seem - these were part of my life. I think it would be true to say that everyone was worried - but life has to go on - and we , as British people, had a determination to survive and maintain our way of life. Perhaps that sounds a strange thing to say for a 7 year old boy - but we knew what was involved - we knew our heritage - and at that time in our history, we were united populations standing behind our King and Mr. Churchill.

Sometimes it takes a time of great peril and danger to cause a great Country to come together. I think - even with hindsight -
that this was such a time. We all felt it and yet 67 years later I find it difficult to describe why we had these feelings.

This is a V2 rocket - shown at the Imperial War Museum in London

Another view of the rocket with details

This map shows the central area of London. You will see the rriver Thames, the central area and suburbs. Lewisham will be seen and just above and to the right - Blackheath where I lived

' alt='' class='ipsImage' >

Each of the yellow bursts represents a V2 explosion. You will find the HAM in Lewisham - where I lived is buried under the explosions !

' alt='' class='ipsImage' >

Finally, this map shows a much larger view of the London area. Was it by accident that the City and inner suburbs had the worst of the Rockets ?



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