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    Bar: Prague 1939 06


    This extremely interesting previously unobserved 16.17mm X 5.94mm hollow folding tabs variant is courtesy of Peter J. :beer:

    The similarity of construction to the final pattern simplified hollow stamped universal swords of circa 1942+ is striking.

    This is obviously an awkward and flimsy "solution" to the problem of reducing ANY labor involved in soldering on the normal bent prongs. Instead, this type would have required not only slitting the ribbon in two places rather than one central hole but also doing that the first time with both slits lining up correctly. :speechless:

    The result would have been not only more ribbon wasted, but a final product whose devices easily pulled out-- just as the first examples from circa 1915-16 did with prongs resting behind ribbons and on top of backings. :banger:

    I have never even observed bars where one of this mutant type device had fallen off-- the "scars" on a Sudeten Annexation Medal ribbon would certainly be distinctive!

    If anyone comes across an INTACT version of this device still on a ribbon bar, please post it out in the other half of the website.

    For a bit of artwork showing the recklessly complex method of successfully attaching this bar, see:


    From the album:

    Ribbon Bar Devices Gallery

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