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    NON REGULATION EK2 Ribbon Bar Mini 01


    For no apparent reason whatsoever, miniatures of the Iron Cross 2nd Class were worn on its ribbon bar ribbon, primarily by Saxons, but by other known practioners of this weird and immediately visible unauthorized fashion staement from hamburg to Turkey.

    Despite the claims of sellers that it represents wear of an Iron Cross 1st Class it most assuredly did not. Ample photographic evidence of it being worn as an unnecessary EK2 embellishment is out there. But the Great Mystery has always been:

    WHEN did the weird practice begin? Most period photos showing it are either undated or date from the immediate post-war period.

    THIS photo answers that question at least paartially.

    Feldwebelleutnant Reinhold Friedrich of saxon Reserve Infantry Regiment 241, formerly a career NCO in Leib Grenadier Regiment 100, sent this photo to a colleague in the regiment on

    13 May 1918.

    So the weird and crazy style was indeed worn during the war.

    From the album:

    Ribbon Bar Photos in Wear

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