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    Typical Wehrmacht Officer Awards Wear Early WW2 01 Closeup


    Here are all of major Ludwig's awards:


    1914 Iron Cross 1st Class and Third Reich National Sports Badge (peresumably Gold grade from his age)

    From buttonhole:

    1939 repeat Spange to I914 Iron Cross 2nd Class as correctly worn with

    Ribbon bar:

    1) 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class: just the "plain" ribon of that award
    2) Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class. Most German recipients wore the round gold "War Decoration" wreath distinctive to that award, but Ludwig has chosen the generic frontline swords worn on most Hapsburg valor award ribbons after 1916.
    3) Hindenburg Cross for WW1 Combatants
    4) Wehrmacht 25 Years Service Cross
    5) Wehrmacht 12 Years Service Medal
    6) Hungarian WW1 Commemorative Medal for Combatants
    7) Bulgarian WW1 Commemorative Medal for Combatnats

    Neither of the last two medals needed Xs on their ribbons, which were of a distinct design FOR combatants, but this was standard German method of wearing those.

    The grades of Wehrmacht service awarda of course are unknowable from a photo but are readily verifiable from following his service record through Rank Lists etc.

    From the album:

    Ribbon Bar Photos in Wear

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