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  1. I had an opportunity to snap this yesterday. Seems as though the powers that be have got their act together this time. Unlike the Golden Jubilee the Diamond Jubilee medal has been issued prior to the official date of wearing. The ribbon can be worn already but the medal cannot be worn until the procession on the 5th June. No certificate or ribbon off cut with the box this time.

  2. All eligible persons (as of the 6th Feb) can wear the medal ribbon and miniature from the 7th Feb, no medals can be worn until the official celebrations starts on the 5th June. I would be surprised if he had his medal already, as only top brass and members of the Royal Household will be likely to get theirs prior to the event (and if the Golden Jubilee is anything to go by it will be days before, not weeks). But they may have actually got their act together this time round ?

  3. If you computer skills are so poor that you cannot reduce an image to at least 160kb which is the limit for your membership I am sure one of our members can assist you.

    Just a reminder that membership and the ability to upload images to post at GMIC is FREE or of course you could host the image yourself at your own website and you can use as many MB of space as you want or alternatively keep paying your money elsewhere.

  4. :off topic:

    Although I joined some time ago the rules have been changed and I can no longer see photos. That is unlike any other forum I belong to and has annoyed me considerably, as I find it petty and divisive. I would have enjoyed adding to the sum total of knowledge in this 'club', but now rarely visit here because of the change.

    When you join GMIC you are automatically given 'Restricted Membership' which allows you to view topics but initially precludes you from viewing attachments. By taking out a subscription or paying a one off small admin fee members can gain immediate access to all attachments and have an upload ability to post images. The alternative is to become an active member of the forum and over time you will be given Full Membership."

    "Guests also do not have permission to view attachments."

    It is because you rarely visit here or contribute that you lost the ability to see photos. The petty and divisive rules were established to stop freeloaders like yourself joining, taking information and not contributing. Funny how that when you lost the ability to see photos you suddenly decided to post. If you can't find the sum total of £2.75 for lifetime image upload and download, well it says it all. ? But thanks for pointing out the rules I will amend them to make it clearer.

    ~Dr Phil you do have the ability to see images in posts in all forum, the reason you cannot see the image in question is that it was never posted by anyone.

  5. Can't help but feel this is not the way to go with this. It is like trying to make one of these wan.er medals an official issue medal. Without a doubt there have operational deployments and actions which have not been given due recognition for a number of reasons, most of which is political. But these need to be addressed on an individual basis like Suez eventually was.

    However to give everyone who has done time in uniform a medal is in my opinion a misplaced and wrong move which undermines the British Medal system andwill cost a fortune Seems to me that there are a few old crusties who want to get on the back of the current crisis in Afghan, in an attempt to further their own recognition at the British Legion. When the reality is they may have only served 4 years in the cookhouse at Aldershot and been discharged with no medals.

    They should be putting their efforts into getting a medal for those poor blokes who are coming back from Afghan with limbs missing, they need a British equivalent of the Purple Heart for their sacrifices as well as a decent pension for life.

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